Mohammad Jafari

According to our database1, Mohammad Jafari authored at least 40 papers between 2007 and 2022.

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PhD thesis 




Automatic wound detection and size estimation using deep learning algorithms.
PLoS Comput. Biol., 2022

HealNet - Self-supervised Acute Wound Heal-Stage Classification.
Proceedings of the Machine Learning in Medical Imaging - 13th International Workshop, 2022

Feedback Control of Bioelectronic Devices Using Machine Learning.
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Determination of Forces and Moments Per Unit Length in Symmetric Exponential FG Plates with a Quasi-Triangular Hole.
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A biologically-inspired reinforcement learning based intelligent distributed flocking control for Multi-Agent Systems in presence of uncertain system and dynamic environment.
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Machine Learning-Driven Bioelectronics for Closed-Loop Control of Cells.
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Privacy Preserving Path Planning in an Adversarial Zone.
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Distributed Control Of Multi-Agent Systems Using Biologically-Inspired Reinforcement Learning.
PhD thesis, 2019

A neurobiologically-inspired intelligent trajectory tracking control for unmanned aircraft systems with uncertain system dynamics and disturbance.
Trans. Inst. Meas. Control, 2019

Robust Frequency Regulation in Mobile Microgrids: HIL Implementation.
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Biologically inspired adaptive intelligent secondary control for MGs under cyber imperfections.
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A biologically-inspired distributed fault tolerant flocking control for multi-agent system in presence of uncertain dynamics and unknown disturbance.
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Adaptive Intelligent Secondary Control of Microgrids Using a Biologically-Inspired Reinforcement Learning.
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Comparative Analysis of Input Power Factor Control Techniques in Matrix Converters Based on Model Predictive and Space Vector Control Schemes.
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Online Machine Learning Based Predictor for Biological Systems.
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Online Machine Learning Based Controller for Coupled Tanks Systems.
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A Survey on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Remote Control Using Brain-Computer Interface.
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Brain Emotional Learning-Based Path Planning and Intelligent Control Co-Design for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in Presence of System Uncertainties and Dynamic Environment.
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A Game Theoretic Based Biologically-Inspired Distributed Intelligent Flocking Control for Multi-UAV Systems with Network Imperfections.
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Fabrication and Experimental Analysis of an Axially Laminated Flux-Switching Permanent-Magnet Machine.
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Design and Implementation of an Amorphous High-Frequency Transformer Coupling Multiple Converters in a Smart Microgrid.
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An efficient parallel algorithm for computing determinant of non square matrices.
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Adaptive Flocking Control of Multiple Unmanned Ground Vehicles by Using a UAV.
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A multi-port converter based renewable energy system for residential consumers of smart grid.
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A Framework for Expressing and Enforcing Purpose-Based Privacy Policies.
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Applied Neural Cross-Correlation into the Curved Trajectory Detection Process for Braitenberg Vehicles.
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Modelling and Enforcing Purpose in Privacy Policies.
PhD thesis, 2013

A high performance hardware implementation image encryption with AES algorithm.
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A rights management approach to protection of privacy in a cloud of electronic health records.
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Towards defining semantic foundations for purpose-based privacy policies.
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Simulation and implementation of a fuzzy controlled charger for Ni-Cd batteries.
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Securing Medical Research Data with a Rights Management System.
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Using digital rights management for securing data in a medical research environment.
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Enforcing purpose of use via workflows.
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A Digital Rights Management Model for Healthcare.
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Design, Simulation and Implementation of a Fuzzy-PID Controller for Controlling a DC-DC Converter.
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Management Advantages of Object Classification in Role-Based Access Control (RBAC).
Proceedings of the Advances in Computer Science, 2007