Mohammad Mahdi Paydar

According to our database1, Mohammad Mahdi Paydar authored at least 27 papers between 2008 and 2020.

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  • Erdős number3 of five.



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Customer relationship management and new product development in designing a robust supply chain.
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Emergency logistics planning under supply risk and demand uncertainty.
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A disaster relief operations management model: a hybrid LP-GA approach.
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A hybrid genetic algorithm for integrating virtual cellular manufacturing with supply chain management considering new product development.
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Forward and reverse supply chain network design for consumer medical supplies considering biological risk.
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Designing and solving a bi-level model for rice supply chain using the evolutionary algorithms.
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Applying a hybrid BWM-VIKOR approach to supplier selection: a case study in the Iranian agricultural implements industry.
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Tree Growth Algorithm (TGA): A novel approach for solving optimization problems.
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A bi-objective optimization for citrus closed-loop supply chain using Pareto-based algorithms.
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Developing a lower bound and strong heuristics for a truck scheduling problem in a cross-docking center.
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An engine oil closed-loop supply chain design considering collection risk.
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New criteria for configuration of cellular manufacturing considering product mix variation.
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Revised multi-choice goal programming for integrated supply chain design and dynamic virtual cell formation with fuzzy parameters.
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New bi-objective robust design-based utilisation towards dynamic cell formation problem with fuzzy random demands.
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A robust optimisation model for generalised cell formation problem considering machine layout and supplier selection.
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A hybrid GA-AUGMECON method to solve a cubic cell formation problem considering different worker skills.
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Designing a new integrated model for dynamic cellular manufacturing systems with production planning and intra-cell layout.
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A hybrid genetic-variable neighborhood search algorithm for the cell formation problem based on grouping efficacy.
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A Simulated Annealing for Intra-Cell Layout Design of Dynamic Cellular manufacturing Systems with Route Selection, purchasing Machines and Cell Reconfiguration.
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Applying fuzzy approach to develop transient probability matrix for on-line variable quality monitoring.
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Application of single depot multiple travelling salesman method to cell formation problems.
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Designing a mathematical model for dynamic cellular manufacturing systems considering production planning and worker assignment.
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Optimal Layout Selection Using Petri Net in an Automated Assembling Shop.
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