Iraj Mahdavi

According to our database1, Iraj Mahdavi
  • authored at least 62 papers between 2007 and 2018.
  • has a "Dijkstra number"2 of five.



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An efficient bi-objective algorithm to solve re-entrant hybrid flow shop scheduling with learning effect and setup times.
Operational Research, 2018

An α-cut approach for fuzzy product and its use in computing solutions of fully fuzzy linear systems.
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Scheduling multi-skilled manpower with considering teams replacement and site-dependent vehicles routing.
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Multiple attribute group decision making method using a new similarity measure in interval type-2 fuzzy sets: a case study.
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Optimal location-multi-allocation-routing in capacitated transportation networks under population-dependent travel times.
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Comprehensive fuzzy multi-objective multi-product multi-site aggregate production planning decisions in a supply chain under uncertainty.
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A Virtual Intelligent Creativity Matrix for Employees Clustered Interactivity Network with Knowledge Development Program.
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A hybrid GA-AUGMECON method to solve a cubic cell formation problem considering different worker skills.
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A modified ant colony system for finding the expected shortest path in networks with variable arc lengths and probabilistic nodes.
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Using the Taguchi method to optimize the differential evolution algorithm parameters for minimizing the workload smoothness index in simple assembly line balancing.
Mathematical and Computer Modelling, 2013

A genetic algorithm for solving fuzzy shortest path problems with mixed fuzzy arc lengths.
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A framework for strategy formulation based on clustering approach: A case study in a corporate organization.
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An Uncertain Decision Making Process Considering Customers and Services in Evaluating Banks: A Case Study.
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IMAQCS: Design and implementation of an intelligent multi-agent system for monitoring and controlling quality of cement production processes.
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Single machine scheduling with controllable processing times to minimize total tardiness and earliness.
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Applying fuzzy mathematical programming approach to optimize a multiple supply network in uncertain condition with comparative analysis.
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A genetic algorithm for a creativity matrix cubic space clustering: A case study in Mazandaran Gas Company.
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A bi-objective possibilistic programming model for open shop scheduling problems with sequence-dependent setup times, fuzzy processing times, and fuzzy due dates.
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iCoSim-FMS: An intelligent co-simulator for the adaptive control of complex flexible manufacturing systems.
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Development of a Simulation-Based Intelligent Decision Support System for the Adaptive Real-Time Control of Flexible Manufacturing Systems.
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Heuristic Approaches for Cell Formation in Cellular Manufacturing.
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Designing a new model of distributed quality control for sub-assemble products based on the intelligent web information system.
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Application of single depot multiple travelling salesman method to cell formation problems.
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An artificial immune algorithm for the flexible job-shop scheduling problem.
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Computing a fuzzy shortest path in a network with mixed fuzzy arc lengths using alpha-cuts.
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Applying simulated annealing for designing cellular manufacturing systems using MDmTSP.
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A six sigma based multi-objective optimization for machine grouping control in flexible cellular manufacturing systems with guide-path flexibility.
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Agent-based web service for the design of a dynamic coordination mechanism in supply networks.
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Solving the Multi-Objective Mixed Model Assembly Line Problem Using a Fuzzy Multi-Objective Linear Program.
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