Naoshi Kondo

According to our database1, Naoshi Kondo authored at least 29 papers between 1995 and 2021.

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  • Dijkstra number2 of five.
  • Erdős number3 of four.



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PhD thesis 




Spread Spectrum Sound with TDMA and INS Hybrid Navigation System for Indoor Environment.
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A sound-based positioning system with centimeter accuracy for mobile robots in a greenhouse using frequency shift compensation.
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Chick Embryo Growth Modeling Using Near-Infrared Sensor and Non-Linear Least Square Fitting of Egg Opacity Values.
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A Noise Tolerant Spread Spectrum Sound-Based Local Positioning System for Operating a Quadcopter in a Greenhouse.
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Dam behavior patterns in Japanese black beef cattle prior to calving: Automated detection using LSTM-RNN.
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Fluorescence time series monitoring of different parts of green pepper (<i>Capsicum annuum</i> L.) under different storage temperatures.
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Classification of multiple cattle behavior patterns using a recurrent neural network with long short-term memory and inertial measurement units.
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A non-invasive diagnosis technique of chick embryonic cardiac arrhythmia using near infrared light.
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Non-invasive broiler chick embryo sexing based on opacity value of incubated eggs.
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Potato quality grading based on machine vision and 3D shape analysis.
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Improved underwater Helmholtz resonator with an open cavity for sample volume estimation.
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Cardiac signal behavior of early and late hatch chick embryos during incubation.
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Potato feature prediction based on machine vision and 3D model rebuilding.
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Machine vision based soybean quality evaluation.
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