Paolo Corsini

According to our database1, Paolo Corsini authored at least 33 papers between 1976 and 2012.

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An Integer Linear Programming Approach for Radio-Based Localization of Shipping Containers in the Presence of Incomplete Proximity Information.
IEEE Trans. Intell. Transp. Syst., 2012

A smartphone-based fall detection system.
Pervasive Mob. Comput., 2012

Recognition of false alarms in fall detection systems.
Proceedings of the 2011 IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference, 2011

Localization of Shipping Containers in Ports and Terminals Using Wireless Sensor Networks.
Proceedings of the 12th IEEE International Conference on Computational Science and Engineering, 2009

An application adaptation layer for wireless sensor networks.
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Opportunistic computing for wireless sensor networks.
Proceedings of the IEEE 4th International Conference on Mobile Adhoc and Sensor Systems, 2007

Combining supervised and unsupervised learning for data clustering.
Neural Comput. Appl., 2006

A fuzzy system for profiling web portal users from web access log.
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Experiences with the TinyOS Communication Library.
Proceedings of the Wireless Information Systems, 2006

Configuration and tuning of sensor network applications through virtual sensors.
Proceedings of the 4th IEEE Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications Workshops (PerCom 2006 Workshops), 2006

VirtuS: a configurable layer for post-deployment adaptation of sensor network.
Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Communications (ICWMC'06), 2006

A new fuzzy relational clustering algorithm based on the fuzzy C-means algorithm.
Soft Comput., 2005

A fuzzy relational clustering algorithm based on a dissimilarity measure extracted from data.
IEEE Trans. Syst. Man Cybern. Part B, 2004

A system based on a modified version of the FCM algorithm for profiling web users from access log.
Proceedings of the 3rd Conference of the European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technology, 2003

An Implementation of Storage Management in Capability Environments.
Softw. Pract. Exp., 1995

Graphical design of distributed applications through reusable components.
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Transputer-based implementation and evaluation of parallel Prolog interpreter.
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Implementing a parallel PROLOG interpreter by using OCCAM and transputers.
Microprocess. Microsystems, 1989

The Parallel Interpretation of Logic Programs in Distributed Architectures.
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The Architecture of a Capability-Based Microprocessor System.
IEEE Micro, 1987

Multibug: Interative Debugging in Distributed Systems.
IEEE Micro, 1986

Software development tool for target systems and EPROM programmers within a Unix environment.
Microprocess. Microsystems, 1986

Methodology for Complex System Description via Extended Petri Nets.
Comput. Syst. Sci. Eng., 1986

MuTEAM: An experience in the design of robust multiprocessor systems.
Comput. Syst. Sci. Eng., 1985

Distributing and Revoking Access Authorizations on Abstract Objects: A Capability Approach.
Softw. Pract. Exp., 1984

The Implementation of Abstract Objects in a Capability Based Addressing Architecture.
Comput. J., 1984

The architecture and the fault-treatment of MuTEAM.
Proceedings of the Fehlertolerierende Rechensysteme, 1984

Fail-safeness in a multiprocessor system. a distributed strategy based on backward error recovery.
Softw. Microsystems, 1983

Properties of the Multidimensional Generalized Discrete Fourier Transform.
IEEE Trans. Computers, 1979

Interconnecting Asynchronous Control Networks
Inf. Control., September, 1978

Uniform Shift Multiplication Algorithms Without Overflow.
IEEE Trans. Computers, 1978

The Serial Microprocessor Array (SMA): Microprogramming and Application Examples.
Proceedings of the 5th Annual Symposium on Computer Architecture, 1978

Asynchronous Interlock Units for Speed-Independent Multiprocessor Systems.
Proceedings of the GI - 6. Jahrestagung, Stuttgart, 29. September, 1976