Paolo Torrini

According to our database1, Paolo Torrini authored at least 25 papers between 2000 and 2018.

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Proof-Oriented Design of a Separation Kernel with Minimal Trusted Computing Base.
Electron. Commun. Eur. Assoc. Softw. Sci. Technol., 2018

Formalising Executable Specifications of Low-Level Systems.
Proceedings of the Verified Software. Theories, Tools, and Experiments, 2018

Modular Dependent Induction in Coq, Mendler-Style.
Proceedings of the Interactive Theorem Proving - 7th International Conference, 2016

Reusable Components of Semantic Specifications.
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Reasoning about modular datatypes with Mendler induction.
Proceedings of the Proceedings Tenth International Workshop on Fixed Points in Computer Science, 2015

A Modular Structural Operational Semantics for Delimited Continuations.
Proceedings of the Workshop on Continuations, 2015

Imperative Polymorphism by Store-Based Types as Abstract Interpretations.
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Domain-specific discrete event modelling and simulation using graph transformation.
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Linear Types and Locality.
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Reusable components of semantic specifications.
Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Modularity, 2014

Incremental Pattern Matching for the Efficient Computation of Transitive Closure.
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Advances in Model Transformations by Graph Transformation: Specification, Execution and Analysis.
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Stochastic Modelling and Simulation of Mobile Systems.
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Resource-Bound Quantification for Graph Transformation
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Towards an embedding of Graph Transformation in Intuitionistic Linear Logic
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Model-based Simulation of VoIP Network Reconfigurations using Graph Transformation Systems.
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A First Step Towards Formal Verification of Security Policy Properties for RBAC.
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Qualitative spatial reasoning with super-intuitionistic logics.
PhD thesis, 2003

Mereotopology in 2nd-Order and Modal Extensions of Intuitionistic Propositional Logic.
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A Foundation for Region-based Qualitative Geometry.
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Describing Rigid Body Motions in a Qualitative Theory of Spatial Regions.
Proceedings of the Seventeenth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Twelfth Conference on on Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence, July 30, 2000