Pattara Leelaprute

According to our database1, Pattara Leelaprute authored at least 26 papers between 2002 and 2021.

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Task estimation for software company employees based on computer interaction logs.
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An Algorithm for Automatic Collation of Vocabulary Decks Based on Word Frequency.
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Investigating effect of stimulus modality on recollection rate in e-learning systems.
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Practical Application of Tour Plan Mining System Tour Miner - Web Application and Case Study -.
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A topological analysis of communication channels for knowledge sharing in contemporary GitHub projects.
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Identifying Algorithm Names in Code Comments.
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Assessing the Effect of Varying Word Classes on Behavioral Variables in Technology Mediated Vocabulary Learning.
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Hajime Worm with Lifespan and Its Mitigation Evaluation Against Mirai Malware Based on Agent-Oriented Petri Net PN<sup>2</sup>.
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Threat Analysis of Fake Virus Alerts Using WebView Monitor.
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Effect of Grasping Uniformity on Estimation of Grasping Region from Gaze Data.
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Tool Support for Consistency Verification of UML Diagrams.
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