Peter E. D. Love

According to our database1, Peter E. D. Love authored at least 102 papers between 1998 and 2022.

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Rework, Failures, and Unsafe Behavior: Moving Toward an Error Management Mindset in Construction.
IEEE Trans. Engineering Management, 2022

Understanding near-miss count data on construction sites using Greedy D-vine Copula Marginal Regression: A comment.
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Automated text classification of near-misses from safety reports: An improved deep learning approach.
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A CNN-based 3D patch registration approach for integrating sequential models in support of progress monitoring.
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A deep learning-based approach for mitigating falls from height with computer vision: Convolutional neural network.
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Automated detection of workers and heavy equipment on construction sites: A convolutional neural network approach.
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An exact penalty function method for optimising QAP formulation in facility layout problem.
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Moving beyond CAD to an object-oriented approach for electrical control and instrumentation systems.
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Probabilistic risk assessment of tunneling-induced damage to existing properties.
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Expert Syst. Appl., 2014

Visualising a knowledge mapping of information systems investment evaluation.
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Context-aware inference in ubiquitous residential environments.
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