Pol Ghesquière

According to our database1, Pol Ghesquière authored at least 18 papers between 2006 and 2021.

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A three-time point longitudinal investigation of the arcuate fasciculus throughout reading acquisition in children developing dyslexia.
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Karaton: An Example of AI Integration Within a Literacy App.
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Is the Long-Term Association Between Symbolic Numerical Magnitude Processing and Arithmetic Bi-Directional?
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3.5mW 1MHz AM detector and digitally-controlled tuner in a-IGZO TFT for wireless communications in a fully integrated flexible system for audio bag.
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Bendable energy-harvesting module with organic photovoltaic, rechargeable battery, and a-IGZO TFT charging electronics.
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Game-based Assessment of Psycho-acoustic Thresholds: Not All Games Are Equal!
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