Pradyut Kumar Biswal

According to our database1, Pradyut Kumar Biswal authored at least 24 papers between 2012 and 2022.

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A deeply supervised maximum response texton based SegNet for simultaneous multi retinal lesion segmentation.
Int. J. Imaging Syst. Technol., 2022

An efficient epileptic seizure classification system using empirical wavelet transform and multi-fuse reduced deep convolutional neural network with digital implementation.
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A Survey on Superpixel Segmentation as a Preprocessing Step in Hyperspectral Image Analysis.
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Classification of ventricular arrhythmias using empirical mode decomposition and machine learning algorithms.
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An exclusive-disjunction-based detection of neovascularisation using multi-scale CNN.
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Multifuse multilayer multikernel RVFLN+ of process modes decomposition and approximate entropy data from iEEG/sEEG signals for epileptic seizure recognition.
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Robust classification of neovascularization using random forest classifier via convoluted vascular network.
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Machine learning approach to recognize ventricular arrhythmias using VMD based features.
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Correlation-based ECG Artifact Correction from Single Channel EEG using Modified Variational Mode Decomposition.
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An efficient error-minimized random vector functional link network for epileptic seizure classification using VMD.
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Spectral clustering and spatial Frobenius norm-based Jaya optimisation for BS of hyperspectral images.
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Efficient detection and correction of variable strength ECG artifact from single channel EEG.
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Efficient Hardware Implementation of Switching Median Filter for extraction of Extremely High Impulse Noise Corrupted Images.
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Superpixel Clustering Based Segmentation Algorithm for Hyperspectral Image Classification.
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A Frequency Division Based Approach for EMG Artifact Minimization from Single Channel EEG.
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Efficient classification of ventricular arrhythmias using feature selection and C4.5 classifier.
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An ELM Based Regression Model for ECG Artifact Minimization from Single Channel EEG.
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ECG Artifact Removal of EEG signal using Adaptive Neural Network.
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Implementation of Linear Discriminant Analysis for Odia Numeral Recognition.
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Detection and power quality disturbance classification based on wavelet packet decomposition and modified immune optimization algorithm.
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