Qinbao Song

According to our database1, Qinbao Song authored at least 55 papers between 2003 and 2019.

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PLAC: Partitioning Based Lazy Classification.
JSW, 2019

A new unsupervised feature selection algorithm using similarity-based feature clustering.
Computational Intelligence, 2019

LinkLPA: A Link-Based Label Propagation Algorithm for Overlapping Community Detection in Networks.
Computational Intelligence, 2017

Automatic Clustering via Outward Statistical Testing on Density Metrics.
IEEE Trans. Knowl. Data Eng., 2016

A machine learning based software process model recommendation method.
Journal of Systems and Software, 2016

A Strategy to Determine When to Stop Using Automatic Bug Localization.
Proceedings of the 40th IEEE Annual Computer Software and Applications Conference, 2016

Backward Path Growth for Efficient Mobile Sequential Recommendation.
IEEE Trans. Knowl. Data Eng., 2015

An analysis of programming language statement frequency in C, C++, and Java source code.
Softw., Pract. Exper., 2015

A novel ensemble method for classifying imbalanced data.
Pattern Recognition, 2015

TripRec: An Efficient Approach for Trip Planning with Time Constraints.
IJDWM, 2015

An empirical analysis of package-modularization metrics: Implications for software fault-proneness.
Information & Software Technology, 2015

A Selective Detector Ensemble for Concept Drift Detection.
Comput. J., 2015

A dissimilarity-based imbalance data classification algorithm.
Appl. Intell., 2015

An improved data characterization method and its application in classification algorithm recommendation.
Appl. Intell., 2015

A Generic Multilabel Learning-Based Classification Algorithm Recommendation Method.
TKDD, 2014

IncOrder: Incremental density-based community detection in dynamic networks.
Knowl.-Based Syst., 2014

Predicting the number of nearest neighbors for the k-NN classification algorithm.
Intell. Data Anal., 2014

Detecting concept drift: An information entropy based method using an adaptive sliding window.
Intell. Data Anal., 2014

A Feature Subset Selection Algorithm Automatic Recommendation Method.
CoRR, 2014

Label Propagation with α-Degree Neighborhood Impact for Network Community Detection.
Comp. Int. and Neurosc., 2014

An empirical study of BM25 and BM25F based feature location techniques.
Proceedings of the International Workshop on Innovative Software Development Methodologies and Practices, 2014

Metric Ranking of Invariant Networks with Belief Propagation.
Proceedings of the 2014 IEEE International Conference on Data Mining, 2014

Data Quality: Some Comments on the NASA Software Defect Datasets.
IEEE Trans. Software Eng., 2013

A Fast Clustering-Based Feature Subset Selection Algorithm for High-Dimensional Data.
IEEE Trans. Knowl. Data Eng., 2013

Revealing Density-Based Clustering Structure from the Core-Connected Tree of a Network.
IEEE Trans. Knowl. Data Eng., 2013

Selecting feature subset for high dimensional data via the propositional FOIL rules.
Pattern Recognition, 2013

ESC: An efficient synchronization-based clustering algorithm.
Knowl.-Based Syst., 2013

Automated Identification of Change-Prone Classes in Open Source Software Projects.
JSW, 2013

A Feature Subset Selection Algorithm Automatic Recommendation Method.
J. Artif. Intell. Res., 2013

A novel feature subset selection algorithm based on association rule mining.
Intell. Data Anal., 2013

Backward Path Growth for Efficient Mobile Sequential Recommendation
CoRR, 2013

Using Coding-Based Ensemble Learning to Improve Software Defect Prediction.
IEEE Trans. Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Part C, 2012

Automatic recommendation of classification algorithms based on data set characteristics.
Pattern Recognition, 2012

An Empirical Analysis of Software Changes on Statement Entity in Java Open Source Projects.
IJOSSP, 2012

An in-depth investigation into the relationships between structural metrics and unit testability in object-oriented systems.
SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences, 2012

Selecting Feature Subset via Constraint Association Rules.
Proceedings of the Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, 2012

A Simple Classifier Based on a Single Attribute.
Proceedings of the 14th IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communication & 9th IEEE International Conference on Embedded Software and Systems, 2012

A General Software Defect-Proneness Prediction Framework.
IEEE Trans. Software Eng., 2011

Predicting software project effort: A grey relational analysis based method.
Expert Syst. Appl., 2011

A Study of Laplacian Spectra of Graph for Subgraph Queries.
Proceedings of the 11th IEEE International Conference on Data Mining, 2011

A Weighted Voting-Based Associative Classification Algorithm.
Comput. J., 2010

A Statistical NLP Approach for Feature and Sentiment Identification from Chinese Reviews.
Proceedings of the CIPS-SIGHAN Joint Conference on Chinese Language Processing, 2010

Integrate the GM(1, 1) and Verhulst Models to Predict Software Stage Effort.
IEEE Trans. Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Part C, 2009

The Research of Metrics Repository for Business Process Metrics.
Proceedings of the 2009 Second International Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Design, 2009

Can k-NN imputation improve the performance of C4.5 with small software project data sets? A comparative evaluation.
Journal of Systems and Software, 2008

Missing nominal data imputation using association rule based on weighted voting method.
Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, 2008

Common Software-Aging-Related Faults in Fault-Tolerant Systems.
Proceedings of the 2008 International Conferences on Computational Intelligence for Modelling, 2008

A new imputation method for small software project data sets.
Journal of Systems and Software, 2007

Missing Data Imputation Techniques.
IJBIDM, 2007

An Novel Association Rule Mining Based Missing Nominal Data Imputation Method.
Proceedings of the 8th ACIS International Conference on Software Engineering, 2007

Software Defect Association Mining and Defect Correction Effort Prediction.
IEEE Trans. Software Eng., 2006

Mining web browsing patterns for E-commerce.
Computers in Industry, 2006

A Short Note on Safest Default Missingness Mechanism Assumptions.
Empirical Software Engineering, 2005

Using Grey Relational Analysis to Predict Software Effort with Small Data Sets.
Proceedings of the 11th IEEE International Symposium on Software Metrics (METRICS 2005), 2005

Dealing with Missing Software Project Data.
Proceedings of the 9th IEEE International Software Metrics Symposium (METRICS 2003), 2003