Qingming Tang

According to our database1, Qingming Tang authored at least 21 papers between 2010 and 2020.

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Unsupervised Pre-training of Bidirectional Speech Encoders via Masked Reconstruction.
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Towards Disentangled Representations for Human Retargeting by Multi-view Learning.
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Dependency-aware Attention Control for Unconstrained Face Recognition with Image Sets.
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A Multi-Task Approach for Disentangling Syntax and Semantics in Sentence Representations.
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Hierarchical Residual-pyramidal Model for Large Context Based Media Presence Detection.
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Controllable Paraphrase Generation with a Syntactic Exemplar.
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An efficient data gathering algorithm for large-scale wireless sensor networks with mobile sinks.
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Image Inpainting using Block-wise Procedural Training with Annealed Adversarial Counterpart.
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Dependency-Aware Attention Control for Unconstrained Face Recognition with Image Sets.
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BASIC: BCR assembly from single cells.
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Up Torrent: An Efficient Data Collection Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks.
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Bermuda: de novo assembly of transcripts with new insights for handling uneven coverage.
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Utility-based k-anonymization.
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