Raquel Lacuesta Gilaberte

According to our database1, Raquel Lacuesta Gilaberte authored at least 52 papers between 2006 and 2020.

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Smart Green Communication Protocols Based on Several-Fold Messages Extracted from Common Sequential Patterns in UAVs.
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A methodology for the design and development of gamified mobile apps for monitoring cancer survivors.
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Smart Cupboard for Assessing Memory in Home Environment.
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Energy Efficiency in Cooperative Wireless Sensor Networks.
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Wearable Technology and Mobile Applications for Healthcare.
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Security in Vehicles With IoT by Prioritization Rules, Vehicle Certificates, and Trust Management.
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MQTT Security: A Novel Fuzzing Approach.
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ABS-DDoS: An Agent-Based Simulator about Strategies of Both DDoS Attacks and Their Defenses, to Achieve Efficient Data Forwarding in Sensor Networks and IoT Devices.
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Green Communication for Tracking Heart Rate with Smartbands.
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ABS-SmartComAgri: An Agent-Based Simulator of Smart Communication Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks for Debugging in Precision Agriculture.
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Smart System for Bicarbonate Control in Irrigation for Hydroponic Precision Farming.
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ABSCEV: An agent-based simulation framework about smart transportation for reducing waiting times in charging electric vehicles.
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PriorityNet App: A Mobile Application for Establishing Priorities in the Context of 5G Ultra-Dense Networks.
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Survivability Strategies for Emerging Wireless Networks With Data Mining Techniques: a Case Study With NetLogo and RapidMiner.
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Agent-Based Simulation of Smart Beds With Internet-of-Things for Exploring Big Data Analytics.
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ABS-SmartPriority: An Agent-Based Simulator of Strategies for Managing Self-Reported Priorities in Smart Cities.
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TABSAOND: A technique for developing agent-based simulation apps and online tools with nondeterministic decisions.
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ABS-FishCount: An Agent-Based Simulator of Underwater Sensors for Measuring the Amount of Fish.
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Agent-based simulation of real-estate transactions.
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System to Recommend the Best Place to Live Based on Wellness State of the User Employing the Heart Rate Variability.
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A Proposal to Improve the Authentication Process in m-Health Environments.
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Automatic Estrogens Detection in Breast Tumor Images Treated with Immune-Histochemical Techniques.
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