Safouan Taha

Orcid: 0000-0003-3950-6415

According to our database1, Safouan Taha authored at least 24 papers between 2007 and 2023.

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Modeling and analysing Cyber-Physical Systems in HOL-CSP.
Robotics Auton. Syst., December, 2023

HOL-CSPM - Architectural operators for HOL-CSP.
Arch. Formal Proofs, 2023

An Incremental Diagnosis Algorithm of Human Erroneous Decision Making.
Proceedings of the Human and Artificial Rationalities - Second International Conference, 2023

Belief Revision Theory.
Arch. Formal Proofs, 2021

Catching cognitive biases in an erroneous decision making process.
Proceedings of the 2021 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, 2021

The HOL-CSP Refinement Toolkit.
Arch. Formal Proofs, 2020

Specification Quality Metrics Based on Mutation and Inductive Incremental Model Checking.
Proceedings of the NASA Formal Methods - 12th International Symposium, 2020

Philosophers May Dine - Definitively!
Proceedings of the Integrated Formal Methods - 16th International Conference, 2020

HOL-CSP Version 2.0.
Arch. Formal Proofs, 2019

Improved Invariant Generation for Industrial Software Model Checking of Time Properties.
Proceedings of the 19th IEEE International Conference on Software Quality, 2019

Formal verification of automotive embedded software.
Proceedings of the 6th Conference on Formal Methods in Software Engineering, 2018

A compositional automata-based semantics and preserving transformation rules for testing property patterns.
Formal Aspects Comput., 2015

Towards a Formal Semantics of the TESL Specification Language.
Proceedings of the Joint Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on the Globalization Of Modeling Languages and the 9th International Workshop on Multi-Paradigm Modeling co-located with ACM/IEEE 18th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems, 2015

Specification of temporal properties with OCL.
Sci. Comput. Program., 2014

Modeling and Verification of Redundancy Policies.
Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Model Based Architecting and Construction of Embedded Systems co-located with ACM/IEEE 16th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MoDELS 2013), 2013

A Compositional Automata-Based Semantics for Property Patterns.
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Test Generation and Evaluation from High-Level Properties for Common Criteria Evaluations - The TASCCC Testing Tool.
Proceedings of the Sixth IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, 2013

Temporal Constraint Support for OCL.
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Measuring Test Properties Coverage for Evaluating UML/OCL Model-Based Tests.
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An Entirely Model-Based Framework for Hardware Design and Simulation.
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Extending the Standard Execution Model of UML for Real-Time Systems.
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Unifying HW Analysis and SoC Design Flows by Bridging Two Key Standards: UML and IP-XACT.
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An Open Framework for Detailed Hardware Modeling.
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MARTE: UML-based Hardware Design from Modelling to Simulation.
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