Salman Zubair Toor

According to our database1, Salman Zubair Toor authored at least 19 papers between 2010 and 2018.

Collaborative distances:
  • Dijkstra number2 of four.
  • Erdős number3 of four.



In proceedings 
PhD thesis 




Efficient iterative virtual screening with Apache Spark and conformal prediction.
J. Cheminformatics, 2018

MaRe: Container-Based Parallel Computing with Data Locality.
CoRR, 2018

Apache Spark Streaming and HarmonicIO: A Performance and Architecture Comparison.
CoRR, 2018

KubeNow: an On-Demand Cloud-Agnostic Platform for Microservices-Based Research Environments.
CoRR, 2018

BAMSI: a multi-cloud service for scalable distributed filtering of massive genome data.
BMC Bioinformatics, 2018

HarmonicIO: Scalable Data Stream Processing for Scientific Datasets.
Proceedings of the 11th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing, 2018

A Flexible Computational Framework Using R and Map-Reduce for Permutation Tests of Massive Genetic Analysis of Complex Traits.
IEEE/ACM Trans. Comput. Biology Bioinform., 2017

KubeNow: A Cloud Agnostic Platform for Microservice-Oriented Applications.
Proceedings of the 2017 Imperial College Computing Student Workshop, 2017

SNIC Science Cloud (SSC): A National-Scale Cloud Infrastructure for Swedish Academia.
Proceedings of the 13th IEEE International Conference on e-Science, 2017

Cost-aware Application Development and Management using CLOUD-METRIC.
Proceedings of the CLOSER 2017, 2017

MOLNs: A Cloud Platform for Interactive, Reproducible, and Scalable Spatial Stochastic Computational Experiments in Systems Biology Using PyURDME.
SIAM J. Scientific Computing, 2016

MOLNs: A cloud platform for interactive, reproducible and scalable spatial stochastic computational experiments in systems biology using PyURDME.
CoRR, 2015

Scientific Analysis by Queries in Extended SPARQL over a Scalable e-Science Data Store.
Proceedings of the 9th IEEE International Conference on eScience, 2013

Managing Applications and Data in Distributed Computing Infrastructures.
PhD thesis, 2012

Investigating an Open Source Cloud Storage Infrastructure for CERN-specific Data Analysis.
Proceedings of the Seventh IEEE International Conference on Networking, 2012

A Scalable Architecture for e-Science Data Management.
Proceedings of the IEEE 7th International Conference on E-Science, 2011

Performance and Stability of the Chelonia Storage Cloud
CoRR, 2010

The next-generation ARC middleware.
Annales des Télécommunications, 2010

A Grid-Enabled Problem Solving Environment for QTL Analysis in R.
Proceedings of the ISCA 2nd International Conference on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, 2010