Linda R. Petzold

  • University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

According to our database1, Linda R. Petzold authored at least 90 papers between 1992 and 2021.

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Multiple Organ Failure Prediction with Classifier-Guided Generative Adversarial Imputation Networks.
CoRR, 2021

Empirical Analysis of Machine Learning Configurations for Prediction of Multiple Organ Failure in Trauma Patients.
CoRR, 2021

BERTSurv: BERT-Based Survival Models for Predicting Outcomes of Trauma Patients.
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Robust and integrative Bayesian neural networks for likelihood-free parameter inference.
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Model Optimization for Deep Space Exploration via Simulators and Deep Learning.
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Scalable Bayesian Functional Connectivity Inference for Multi-Electrode Array Recordings.
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Advances in Deep Space Exploration via Simulators & Deep Learning.
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How Much Does It Hurt: A Deep Learning Framework for Chronic Pain Score Assessment.
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A Minimum Free Energy Model of Motor Learning.
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A hybrid smoothed dissipative particle dynamics (SDPD) spatial stochastic simulation algorithm (sSSA) for advection-diffusion-reaction problems.
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A Deep Learning Framework for Classification of in vitro Multi-Electrode Array Recordings.
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Sparse Pathway-Induced Dynamic Network Biomarker Discovery for Early Warning Signal Detection in Complex Diseases.
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Mechanical feedback coordinates cell wall expansion and assembly in yeast mating morphogenesis.
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Survival Topic Models for Predicting Outcomes for Trauma Patients.
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Stochastic Simulation Service: Bridging the Gap between the Computational Expert and the Biologist.
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Identification of disease states associated with coagulopathy in trauma.
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High-performance simulation of fracture in idealized 'brick and mortar' composites using adaptive Monte Carlo minimization on the GPU.
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Research and Education in Computational Science and Engineering.
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Multi-View Treelet Transform.
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What Drives Consumer Choices? Mining Aspects and Opinions on Large Scale Review Data Using Distributed Representation of Words.
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Bitsliced High-Performance AES-ECB on GPUs.
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Inferring single-cell gene expression mechanisms using stochastic simulation.
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Detecting Opinions in a Temporally Evolving Conversation on Twitter.
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A Cure Time Model for Joint Prediction of Outcome and Time-to-Outcome.
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Probabilistic User-Level Opinion Detection on Online Social Networks.
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Automatic and portable cloud deployment for scientific simulations.
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Spatial Stochastic Dynamics Enable Robust Cell Polarization.
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Time dependent solution for acceleration of tau-leaping.
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Core modular blood and brain biomarkers in social defeat mouse model for post traumatic stress disorder.
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I act, therefore I judge: network sentiment dynamics based on user activity change.
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Language and Runtime Support for Automatic Configuration and Deployment of Scientific Computing Software over Cloud Fabrics.
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Core module biomarker identification with network exploration for breast cancer metastasis.
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