Samin Aref

According to our database1, Samin Aref authored at least 17 papers between 2015 and 2020.

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A modeling and computational study of the frustration index in signed networks.
Networks, 2020

Evaluating the Security and Economic Effects of Moving Target Defense Techniques on the Cloud.
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Brain Drain and Brain Gain in Russia: Analyzing International Migration of Researchers by Discipline using Scopus Bibliometric Data 1996-2020.
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The Many Faces of Balance: Multilevel Structural Evaluation of Signed Directed Social Networks.
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Scholarly migration within Mexico: Analyzing internal migration among researchers using Scopus longitudinal bibliometric data.
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Legislative effectiveness hangs in the balance: Studying balance and polarization through partitioning signed networks.
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Signed Network Structural Analysis and Applications with a Focus on Balance Theory.
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Balance and frustration in signed networks.
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The Demography of the Peripatetic Researcher: Evidence on Highly Mobile Scholars from the Web of Science.
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Measuring partial balance in signed networks.
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Analysing scientific collaborations of new zealand institutions using scopus bibliometric data.
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Computing the Line Index of Balance Using Integer Programming Optimisation.
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The use of a GERT based method to model concurrent product development processes.
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An exact method for computing the frustration index in signed networks using binary programming.
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A green perspective on capacitated time-dependent vehicle routing problem with time windows.
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A Minimax Regret Model for Hub Location under Uncertain Demand and Cost.
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