Xinyi Zhao

Orcid: 0000-0002-8499-0229

According to our database1, Xinyi Zhao authored at least 40 papers between 2011 and 2024.

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Deep Contrastive Clustering for Signal Deinterleaving.
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Unintended Consequences of Advances in Matching Technologies: Information Revelation and Strategic Participation on Gig-Economy Platforms.
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Estimating Large-Scale Tree Logit Models.
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LEVA: Using Large Language Models to Enhance Visual Analytics.
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A Gated-Recurrent-Unit-Based Interacting Multiple Model Method for Small Bird Tracking on Lidar System.
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Grid-Aware On-Route Fast-Charging Infrastructure Planning for Battery Electric Bus with Equity Considerations: A Case Study in South King County.
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All-in-One Image Dehazing Based on Attention Mechanism.
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Smart Mental Chatbot Platform in the Media and Cognition Course.
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Med-DualNet: Enhancing Medical Image Segmentation with Hard-Patch Mining and Joint Error Adjustment.
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Involving Teachers in the Data-Driven Improvement of Intelligent Tutors: A Prototyping Study.
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"Fulfilled by Amazon": A Strategic Perspective of Competition at the e-Commerce Platform.
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Demystifying CNNs for Images by Matched Filters.
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Data Budgeting for Machine Learning.
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P-Shake: Towards Secure Authentication and Communication between Mobile Devices.
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Stochastic Unit Commitment in Electricity-Gas Coupled Integrated Energy Systems based on Modified Progressive Hedging.
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STFT-like time frequency representations of nonstationary signal with arbitrary sampling schemes.
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Exploring key hackers and cybersecurity threats in Chinese hacker communities.
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Novel superjunction collector design of power SiGe HBTs for high fT×BVCEO×β product.
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Weak Economic Emergency Medical Devices Routing Optimization Based on Uniform Mutation Ant Colony Algorithm.
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