Sangsoo Kim

According to our database1, Sangsoo Kim authored at least 28 papers between 2003 and 2022.

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Identification of Functional Microbial Modules Through Network-Based Analysis of Meta-Microbial Features Using Matrix Factorization.
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Study on Network Intrusion Detection Method Using Discrete Pre-Processing Method and Convolution Neural Network.
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Host-Based Intrusion Detection Model Using Siamese Network.
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Network Anomaly Detection Using Memory-Augmented Deep Autoencoder.
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ChARM: Discovery of combinatorial chromatin modification patterns in hepatitis B virus X-transformed mouse liver cancer using association rule mining.
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CFGP 2.0: a versatile web-based platform for supporting comparative and evolutionary genomics of fungi and Oomycetes.
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A Study on Smart Traffic Analysis and Smart Device Speed Measurement Platform.
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Pattern discovery of multivariate phenotypes by Association Rule Mining and its scheme for Genome-Wide Association Studies.
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Smart-Contents Visualization of Publishing Big Data Using NFC Technology.
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Binary image representation of a ligand binding site: its application to efficient sampling of a conformational ensemble.
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VIRE: Sailing a Blue Ocean with Value-Innovative Requirements.
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Situation-Aware Based Self-adaptive Architecture for Mission Critical Systems.
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Localizome: a server for identifying transmembrane topologies and TM helices of eukaryotic proteins utilizing domain information.
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An efficient top-down search algorithm for learning Boolean networks of gene expression.
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A quality-based cost estimation model for the product line life cycle.
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FESD: a Functional Element SNPs Database in human.
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TO-GO: a Java-based Gene Ontology navigation environment.
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TFExplorer: integrated analysis database for predicted transcription regulatory elements.
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PSIbase: a database of Protein Structural Interactome map (PSIMAP).
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Differential coexpression analysis using microarray data and its application to human cancer.
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