Sema F. Oktug

According to our database1, Sema F. Oktug authored at least 43 papers between 1997 and 2020.

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Analysis of the RPL Version Number Attack with Multiple Attackers.
Proceedings of the 2020 International Conference on Cyber Situational Awareness, 2020

New lightweight mitigation techniques for RPL version number attacks.
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Security of Internet of Things for a Reliable Internet of Services.
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Trajectory-Assisted Municipal Agent Mobility: A Sensor-Driven Smart Waste Management System.
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Special Issue: Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks for Smart Cities.
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A Smart City Application: Business Location Estimator Using Machine Learning Techniques.
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Big data and smart city platforms.
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Poster: State of the Art IDS Design for IoT.
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Short term traffic speed prediction using different feature sets and sensor clusters.
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A reference model for crowdsourcing as a service.
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New Channel Access Approach for the IEEE 802.15.4 Devices in 2.4 GHz ISM Band.
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Statistical multiplexing for neural nanonetworks in case of neuron specific faults.
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Path Loss Rate Driven Burst Assembly in OBS Networks.
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On the Use of Principle Component Analysis for the Hurst Parameter Estimation of Long-Range Dependent Network Traffic.
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Adaptive Threshold based Burst Assembly in OBS Networks.
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Analyzing the Effects of Burst Assembly in Optical Burst Switching under Self-Similar Traffic.
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