Serguei Netessine

According to our database1, Serguei Netessine authored at least 41 papers between 2001 and 2021.

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Initial Coin Offerings, Speculation, and Asset Tokenization.
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Interesting, Important, and Impactful Operations Management.
Manuf. Serv. Oper. Manag., 2020

At Your Service on the Table: Impact of Tabletop Technology on Restaurant Performance.
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Higher Market Thickness Reduces Matching Rate in Online Platforms: Evidence from a Quasiexperiment.
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Selling Off-Grid Light to Liquidity-Constrained Consumers.
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When You Work with a Superman, Will You Also Fly? An Empirical Study of the Impact of Coworkers on Performance.
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Philanthropic Campaigns and Customer Behavior: Field Experiments on an Online Taxi Booking Platform.
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The Operational Advantages of Threshold Discounting Offers.
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Price to Compete ... with Many: How to Identify Price Competition in High-Dimensional Space.
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Strategic Investment in Renewable Energy Sources: The Effect of Supply Intermittency.
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Plant Operations and Product Recalls in the Automotive Industry: An Empirical Investigation.
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Is Tom Cruise Threatened? An Empirical Study of the Impact of Product Variety on Demand Concentration.
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Service Competition and Product Quality in the U.S. Automobile Industry.
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An Information Stock Model of Customer Behavior in Multichannel Customer Support Services.
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Electric Vehicles with a Battery Switching Station: Adoption and Environmental Impact.
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When Does the Devil Make Work? An Empirical Study of the Impact of Workload on Worker Productivity.
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Are Consumers Strategic? Structural Estimation from the Air-Travel Industry.
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Managing Global Sourcing: Inventory Performance.
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OM Forum - Business Model Innovation for Sustainability.
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Collaborative Cost Reduction and Component Procurement Under Information Asymmetry.
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The Impact of New Product Introduction on Plant Productivity in the North American Automotive Industry.
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Impact of Performance-Based Contracting on Product Reliability: An Empirical Analysis.
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Volume Flexibility, Product Flexibility, or Both: The Role of Demand Correlation and Product Substitution.
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Capacity Investment Timing by Start-ups and Established Firms in New Markets.
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TECHNICAL NOTE - Robust Newsvendor Competition Under Asymmetric Information.
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Is Tom Cruise Threatened? An Empirical Study of the Impact of Product Variety on Demand concentration.
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Contracting for Infrequent Restoration and Recovery of Mission-Critical Systems.
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Revenue Management with Strategic Customers: Last-Minute Selling and Opaque Selling.
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What Can Be Learned from Classical Inventory Models? A Cross-Industry Exploratory Investigation.
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Strategic Technology Choice and Capacity Investment Under Demand Uncertainty.
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An Empirical Examination of the Decision to Invest in Fulfillment Capabilities: A Study of Internet Retailers.
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Supply Chain Choice on the Internet.
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Centralized and Competitive Inventory Models with Demand Substitution.
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The MSOM Society Student Paper Competition: Extended Abstracts of 2000 Winners.
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