Shib Sankar Sana

According to our database1, Shib Sankar Sana authored at least 60 papers between 2004 and 2020.

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Multi-item fuzzy economic production quantity model with multiple deliveries.
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Evaluation and selecting the contractor in bidding with incomplete information using MCGDM method.
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Self-assessment of parallel network systems with intuitionistic fuzzy data: a case study.
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A mathematical model on eco-friendly manufacturing system under probabilistic demand.
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Application of genetic algorithm to job scheduling under ergonomic constraints in manufacturing industry.
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A system dynamics model of financial flow in supply chains: a case study.
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Hybrid improved cuckoo search algorithm and genetic algorithm for solving Markov-modulated demand.
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ABC analysis of the customers using axiomatic design and incomplete rough set.
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A Hesitant Fuzzy Set Theory Based Approach for Project Portfolio Selection with Interactions under Uncertainty.
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Collaborative Model on the Agro-Industrial Supply Chain of Cocoa.
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A Hybrid Artificial Neural Network with Metaheuristic Algorithms for Predicting Stock Price.
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An interpolating by pass to Pareto optimality in intuitionistic fuzzy technique for a EOQ model with time sensitive backlogging.
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An integrated project of fishery and poultry.
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MIL: a data discretisation approach.
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A production-inventory model for a deteriorating item with trended demand and shortages.
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