Shigang Wang

According to our database1, Shigang Wang authored at least 53 papers between 2003 and 2018.

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Salient Region Detection via Discriminative Dictionary Learning and Joint Bayesian Inference.
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Low bit-rate cloud-based image coding in the wavelet transform domain.
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Eye and mouth state detection algorithm based on contour feature extraction.
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Hot-line assembly strategy for connection fittings in 110kV intelligent substation.
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New Hierarchical Saliency Filtering for Fast Ship Detection in High-Resolution SAR Images.
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Bio-inspired control strategy study for the quadruped robot with a segmented spine.
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Dual manipulator system of the field hot-line working robot in 110-kV substations.
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Dynamic characteristics and stability criterion of rotary galloping gait with an articulated passive spine joint.
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Sar image change detection method based on visual attention.
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Feature-Based Facial Image Coding Method Using Wavelet Transform.
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A Feature-Based Coding Algorithm for Face Image.
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Sparse Acquisition Integral Imaging System.
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A novel approach of facial expression recognition based on shearlet transform.
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Low-Complexity Non-Uniform Penalized Affine Projection Algorithm for Sparse System Identification.
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Fast semi-supervised classification based on parallel auction graph for polarimetric SAR data.
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Based on reverse molding technology of the impeller of the fluid dynamics analysis.
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Saliency generation from complex scene via digraph and Bayesian inference.
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The effect of spine on the bounding dynamic performance of legged system.
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Improved Bandelet with heuristic evolutionary optimization for image compression.
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A study of acoustic source generation mechanism of Magnetoacoustic Tomography.
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