Sibabrata Ray

According to our database1, Sibabrata Ray authored at least 31 papers between 1990 and 2007.

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Integrity and its applications.
Proceedings of the 45th Annual Southeast Regional Conference, 2007

Resource allocation for restoration of compromised systems.
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The Weighted Integrity Problem is Polynomial for Interval Graphs.
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Subgroup-based Source Recovery or Local Recovery for Reliable Multicasting.
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Pitfalls In Distributed Nonblocking Checkpointing.
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A server relay recovery strategy (SRRS) for reliable multicast over Internet-like topologies.
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Recent advances in mobility modeling for mobile ad hoc network research.
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An optical switching architecture for hierarchical group communication.
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Differential Lossless Encoding of Images Using Non-linear Predictive Techniques.
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Improved Algorithms for Partitioning Tree and Linear Task Graphs on Shared Memory Architecture.
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Efficient algorithms for Identifying All Maximal Isothetic Empty Rectangles in VLSI Layout Design.
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