Suiyan Geng

According to our database1, Suiyan Geng authored at least 22 papers between 2003 and 2020.

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Playback of 5G and Beyond Measured MIMO Channels by an ANN-Based Modeling and Simulation Framework.
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Hybrid Precoding for an Adaptive Interference Decoding SWIPT System With Full-Duplex IoT Devices.
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Robust Beamforming Design for SWIPT-Based Multi-Radio Wireless Mesh Network with Cooperative Jamming.
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Selection of indoor relay node positions for a three-hop low-voltage broadband power line communication system.
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Distributed Rate-Control and Delay-Guaranteed Scheduling in MR-MC Wireless Mesh Networks.
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Hybrid precoding with phase shifter reduction for 5G massive antenna multi-user systems in millimetre wave.
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Path loss modification and multi-user capacity analysis by dynamic rain models for 5G radio communications in millimetre waves.
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A Reconfigurable MIMO/UWB MIMO Antenna for Cognitive Radio Applications.
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A Link-Based Variable Probability Learning Approach for Partially Overlapping Channels Assignment on Multi-Radio Multi-Channel Wireless Mesh Information-Centric IoT Networks.
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Single RF-Chain Beam Training for MU-MIMO Energy Efficiency and Information-Centric IoT Millimeter Wave Communications.
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An Efficient Partially Overlapping Channels Assignment for Smart Grid IoT With Differentiated QoS.
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Dimension Reduction of Channel Correlation Matrix Using CUR-Decomposition Technique for 3-D Massive Antenna System.
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