Zihao Fu

According to our database1, Zihao Fu authored at least 17 papers between 2016 and 2020.

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Improved GWO for large-scale function optimization and MLP optimization in cancer identification.
Neural Comput. Appl., 2020

Playback of 5G and Beyond Measured MIMO Channels by an ANN-Based Modeling and Simulation Framework.
IEEE J. Sel. Areas Commun., 2020

A Theoretical Analysis of the Repetition Problem in Text Generation.
CoRR, 2020

Millimeter-Wave Broadband Tunable Band-Pass Filter Based on Liquid Crystal Materials.
IEEE Access, 2020

Fast Reconstruction and Iterative Updating of Spatial Covariance Matrix for DOA Estimation in Hybrid Massive MIMO.
IEEE Access, 2020

Unsupervised KB-to-Text Generation with Auxiliary Triple Extraction using Dual Learning.
Proceedings of the 1st Conference of the Asia-Pacific Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics and the 10th International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing, 2020

Partially-Aligned Data-to-Text Generation with Distant Supervision.
Proceedings of the 2020 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing, 2020

Dynamic Topic Tracker for KB-to-Text Generation.
Proceedings of the 28th International Conference on Computational Linguistics, 2020

Open Domain Event Text Generation.
Proceedings of the Thirty-Fourth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2020

Hybrid precoding with phase shifter reduction for 5G massive antenna multi-user systems in millimetre wave.
IET Commun., 2019

Lévy Flight Shuffle Frog Leaping Algorithm Based on Differential Perturbation and Quasi-Newton Search.
IEEE Access, 2019

Liquid Crystal-Based Wideband Reconfigurable Leaky Wave X-Band Antenna.
IEEE Access, 2019

Fact Discovery from Knowledge Base via Facet Decomposition.
Proceedings of the 2019 Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Human Language Technologies, 2019

Word Embedding as Maximum A Posteriori Estimation.
Proceedings of the Thirty-Third AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2019

Millimeter Wave Channel Characterization for a Large Waiting Hall by Measurements and Simulations.
Proceedings of the 24th Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications, 2018

Learning Domain-Sensitive and Sentiment-Aware Word Embeddings.
Proceedings of the 56th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics, 2018

Learning Sentimental Weights of Mixed-gram Terms for Classification and Visualization.
Proceedings of the PRICAI 2016: Trends in Artificial Intelligence, 2016