Tao Fan

According to our database1, Tao Fan authored at least 28 papers between 2008 and 2020.

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AICON: A program for calculating thermal conductivity quickly and accurately.
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Coherent Radar Detection Framework With Non-Uniform Pulse Repetition Intervals.
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A Quasi-Newton Method Based Vertical Federated Learning Framework for Logistic Regression.
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SecureBoost: A Lossless Federated Learning Framework.
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Extraction Method of Coronary Artery Blood Vessel Centerline in CT Coronary Angiography.
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Millimeter Wave Channel Estimation Based on Clustering Block Sparse Bayesian Learning.
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Efficient technique for computational design of thermoelectric materials.
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Multi-Objective Optimum Design of High-Speed Backplane Connector Using Particle Swarm Optimization.
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A Variable Step-Size Strategy Based on Error Function for Sparse System Identification.
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Design of a hydraulic driven Camellia cultivation machine with replaceable working arms.
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Design optimization of interior permanent magnet sychronous machines for traction application over a given driving cycle.
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A simple SiC power MOSFET model.
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