Thomas C. Sharkey

According to our database1, Thomas C. Sharkey authored at least 31 papers between 2008 and 2022.

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PhD thesis 




A network generator for covert network structures.
Inf. Sci., 2022

Decentralized scheduling with precedence constraints.
Optim. Lett., 2021

In search of network resilience: An optimization-based view.
Networks, 2021

Optimizing Edge Sets in Networks to Produce Ground Truth Communities Based on Modularity.
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Scheduling of tasks with effectiveness precedence constraints.
Optim. Lett., 2020

Case - Workforce Scheduling for Airport Immigration on the Island of Tropical Paradise.
INFORMS Trans. Educ., 2020

Case Article - Workforce Scheduling for Airport Immigration on the Island of Tropical Paradise.
INFORMS Trans. Educ., 2020

Optimizing the recovery of disrupted single-sourced multi-echelon assembly supply chain networks.
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A Synthetic Network Generator for Covert Network Analytics.
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Modelling the recovery of critical commercial services and their interdependencies on civil infrastructures.
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Online scheduling problems with flexible release dates: Applications to infrastructure restoration.
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Community Detection with Edge Augmentation in Criminal Networks.
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A computational approach to determine damage in infrastructure networks from outage reports.
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Approximation guarantees of algorithms for fractional optimization problems arising in dispatching rules for INDS problems.
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Dynamic resource allocation to support oil spill response planning for energy exploration in the Arctic.
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Restoration decision making for a supply chain network under cyber attack.
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Video Tutorials Within an Undergraduate Operations Research Course: Student Perception on Their Integration and Creating A Blended Learning Environment.
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Applying ranking and selection procedures to long-term mitigation for improved network restoration.
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A class of nonlinear nonseparable continuous knapsack and multiple-choice knapsack problems.
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Integrating facility location and production planning decisions.
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Graphical representations of clutters.
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Simplex-inspired algorithms for solving a class of convex programming problems.
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A simplex algorithm for minimum-cost network-flow problems in infinite networks.
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