Jiawei Zhang

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Discrete-Time Adaptive Fuzzy Event-Triggered Command Filtered Control for Induction Motors With Input Saturation.
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Graph Chain-of-Thought: Augmenting Large Language Models by Reasoning on Graphs.
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KnowHalu: Hallucination Detection via Multi-Form Knowledge Based Factual Checking.
CoRR, 2024

GPTA: Generative Prompt Tuning Assistant for Synergistic Downstream Neural Network Enhancement with LLMs.
CoRR, 2024

VersaT2I: Improving Text-to-Image Models with Versatile Reward.
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EffiPerception: an Efficient Framework for Various Perception Tasks.
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Regulating Chatbot Output via Inter-Informational Competition.
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Robust Synthetic-to-Real Transfer for Stereo Matching.
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DNGaussian: Optimizing Sparse-View 3D Gaussian Radiance Fields with Global-Local Depth Normalization.
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MuseGraph: Graph-oriented Instruction Tuning of Large Language Models for Generic Graph Mining.
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Exploring Advanced Methodologies in Security Evaluation for LLMs.
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Unveiling the Magic: Investigating Attention Distillation in Retrieval-augmented Generation.
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DDIPrompt: Drug-Drug Interaction Event Prediction based on Graph Prompt Learning.
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Interaction-Based Driving Scenario Classification and Labeling.
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Prompt Learning on Temporal Interaction Graphs.
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Cyclic Neural Network.
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Benchmarking Large Multimodal Models against Common Corruptions.
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Control-free and efficient silicon photonic neural networks via hardware-aware training and pruning.
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Bias-Compensated State of Charge and State of Health Joint Estimation for Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries.
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Generalized Lagrangian Neural Networks.
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EPA: Neural Collapse Inspired Robust Out-of-Distribution Detector.
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OII-DS: A benchmark Oral Implant Image Dataset for object detection and image classification evaluation.
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Multi-Agent DRL-Based Lane Change With Right-of-Way Collaboration Awareness.
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Multi-Target Tracking Based on Ferguson-Hough Algorithm Against Frequency Ambiguity Issue.
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A Revisit of Fake News Dataset with Augmented Fact-checking by ChatGPT.
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Diffusion-based Blind Text Image Super-Resolution.
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Beyond Text: Unveiling Multimodal Proficiency of Large Language Models with MultiAPI Benchmark.
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3DifFusionDet: Diffusion Model for 3D Object Detection with Robust LiDAR-Camera Fusion.
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FusionViT: Hierarchical 3D Object Detection via LiDAR-Camera Vision Transformer Fusion.
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Driving behavior-guided battery health monitoring for electric vehicles using machine learning.
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A Health Monitoring System Based on Flexible Triboelectric Sensors for Intelligence Medical Internet of Things and its Applications in Virtual Reality.
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Generic Attention-model Explainability by Weighted Relevance Accumulation.
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Deep Richardson-Lucy Deconvolution for Low-Light Image Deblurring.
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Contrastive Hierarchical Discourse Graph for Scientific Document Summarization.
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Graph-ToolFormer: To Empower LLMs with Graph Reasoning Ability via Prompt Augmented by ChatGPT.
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Effective Numerical Simulations of Synchronous Generator System.
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Immune Defense: A Novel Adversarial Defense Mechanism for Preventing the Generation of Adversarial Examples.
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Scalable optical neural networks based on temporal computing.
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Deep Dynamic Scene Deblurring from Optical Flow.
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CARE: Certifiably Robust Learning with Reasoning via Variational Inference.
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Dual-Arm Nanorobotic System for Measuring Embryo with Minimum Disturbances.
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Real-time Stereoscopic Display of Atomic Force Microscopy Images for Nano Robotic Manipulation.
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Adversarial Generation of Safety-Critical Lane-Change Scenarios for Autonomous Vehicles.
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Assisted Unsupervised Domain Adaptation.
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TOD-Net: Transformer-Based Neural Network for Tiny Object Detection in Sperm Microscopic Videos.
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A New Method Combining Single-Point Push and Double-Point Complete Push for Partially Observable Scenarios.
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Artificial Intelligence-Based Education Platform Course Recommendation System.
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Distribution of Sports Online Video Teaching Resources Under the Background of Sunshine Sports.
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Parallel Assisted Learning.
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Instability of remote sensing ecological index and its optimisation for time frequency and scale.
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Robot Kinematics: Motion, Kinematics and Dynamics.
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Robot Basics: Representation, Rotation and Velocity.
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A Comprehensive Survey with Quantitative Comparison of Image Analysis Methods for Microorganism Biovolume Measurements.
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