Thomas Reichherzer

According to our database1, Thomas Reichherzer authored at least 33 papers between 1998 and 2021.

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Detection of data anomalies at the edge of pervasive IoT systems.
Computing, 2021

Trade-offs involved in the choice of cloud service configurations when building secure, scalable, and efficient Internet-of-Things networks.
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Using Low-Level Sensory Data to Recognize Events in a Smart Home.
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Mining for Topics to Suggest Knowledge Model Extensions.
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A Semi-Automated Approach to the Recovery of SOA System Structure from Low-Level Artifacts.
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An Agent-Based Architecture for Sensor Data Collection and Reasoning in Smart Home Environments for Independent Living.
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Knowledge Modeling in the Health Care Domain: Capturing Semantics to Bridge the Gap Between Complex Data Models and Object Models.
Proceedings of the Model-Driven Engineering and Software Development, 2015

Knowledge Modeling in the Health Care Domain to Support Software Development & Maintenance.
Proceedings of the MODELSWARD 2015, 2015

An Automated Approach to the Initialization of the Snakes Algorithm for the Detection of Swimbladder Regions in X-Ray Image Data.
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Experience-based support for human-centered knowledge modeling.
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Knowledge-Based Approaches to Information Management in Coalition Environments.
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Open SOALab: Case study artifacts for SOA research and education.
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Application of Structural Case-Based Reasoning to Activity Recognition in Smart Home Environments.
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Understanding Interoperable Systems: Challenges for the Maintenance of SOA Applications.
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Towards intelligent search support for web services evolution identifying the right abstractions.
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Knowledge-Based Computation.
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Quantifying software requirements for supporting archived office documents using emulation.
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Cases, Context, and Comfort: Opportunities for Case-Based Reasoning in Smart Homes.
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Knowledge modeling and the creation of El-Tech: a performance support and training system for electronic technicians.
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Aiding knowledge capture by searching for extensions of knowledge models.
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Topic Extraction and Extension to Support Concept Mapping.
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Terraforming Cyberspace.
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Multiple-prototype classifier design.
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The Giant: An Agent-Based Approach to Knowledge Construction and Sharing.
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An AI Approach to Computer Assisted Tomography.
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El-Tech: A Performance Support System with Embedded Training for Electronics Technicians.
Proceedings of the Eleventh International Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society Conference, 1998