Tianqi Hong

According to our database1, Tianqi Hong authored at least 17 papers between 2015 and 2021.

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A Wide Range Unidirectional Isolated DC-DC Converter for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles.
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CelebA-Spoof Challenge 2020 on Face Anti-Spoofing: Methods and Results.
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Encoding Frequency Constraints in Preventive Unit Commitment Using Deep Learning with Region-of-Interest Active Sampling.
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Optimal Voltage Reference for Droop-Based DERs in Distribution Systems.
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Hybrid Imitation Learning for Real-Time Service Restoration in Resilient Distribution Systems.
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Deep Active Learning for Solvability Prediction in Power Systems.
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Robust Synthesis of Wind Turbine Generators to Support Microgrid Frequency Considering Linearization-Induced Uncertainty.
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Approximating Trajectory Constraints with Machine Learning - Microgrid Islanding with Frequency Constraints.
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Dynamic State Estimation Based Monitoring of High Frequency Transformer.
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Cost and Efficiency Analysis for Hybrid AC/DC Distribution System Planning with PV and Battery.
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Distributed Algorithm for Volt - VAr Optimization in Unbalanced Distribution System.
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Modular Regenerative Emulation System for DC-DC Converters in Hybrid Fuel Cell Vehicle Applications.
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Dynamic Demand Response Using Customer Coupons Considering Multiple Load Aggregators to Simultaneously Achieve Efficiency and Fairness.
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Potential Negative Impact on Reliability of Distributed Generation under Temporary Faults.
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