Tom Thaler

According to our database1, Tom Thaler authored at least 16 papers between 2013 and 2018.

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PhD thesis 




Mining the Usability of Process-Oriented Business Software: The Case of the ARIS Designer of Software AG.
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Similarity of Business Process Models - A State-of-the-Art Analysis.
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Ein hybrider Projektmanagementansatz für das regulierte Umfeld.
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Automated Assessment of Process Modeling Exams: Basic Ideas and Prototypical Implementation.
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Evaluation automatisierter Ansätze für die Bewertung von Modellierungsaufgaben.
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A Comparative Analysis of Business Process Model Similarity Measures.
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A Comparative Analysis of Process Instance Cluster Techniques.
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Mining the usability of business process modeling tools: concept and case study.
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Clustering Traces Using Sequence Alignment.
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Identification of Business Process Models in a Digital World.
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Towards Usability Mining.
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Development And Usage Of A Process Model Corpus.
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Process Mining - Fallstudie
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Analyse des Qualitätsdiskurses zur Modellverständlichkeit in experimentellen Studien.
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