Toshio Nojima

According to our database1, Toshio Nojima authored at least 22 papers between 2005 and 2016.

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  • Erdős number3 of five.



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PhD thesis 




FEM Simulations of Implantable Cardiac Pacemaker EMI Triggered by HF-Band Wireless Power Transfer System.
IEICE Trans. Electron., 2016

Experimental Investigation on RF Characteristics of Cryogenically-Cooled 3W-Class Receiver Amplifier Employing GaN HEMT with Blue Light LED for Mobile Base Stations.
IEICE Trans. Electron., 2014

Dosimetric Assessment of Two-Layer Cell Culture Configurations for Fertility Research at 1950MHz.
IEICE Trans. Commun., 2014

A New Measurement System for the Perpendicular Complex Permittivity to DUT Sheet by Stripline Simulation.
IEEE Trans. Instrum. Meas., 2012

Low-Loss Matching Network Design for Band-Switchable Multi-Band Power Amplifier.
IEICE Trans. Electron., 2012

Bit Error Probability in the Presence of Third-Order Intermodulation Distortion Component from Power Amplifier of Different Mobile Systems.
IEEE Commun. Lett., 2011

Estimation of EMI Impact by Cellular Radio on Implantable Cardiac Pacemakers in Elevator Using EMF Distributions Inside Human Body.
IEICE Trans. Commun., 2010

Basic Construction of Whole-Body Averaged SAR Estimation System Using Cylindrical-External Field Scanning for UHF Plane Wave Irradiation of Human Models.
IEICE Trans. Commun., 2010

Experimental Quasi-Microwave Whole-Body Averaged SAR Estimation Method Using Cylindrical-External Field Scanning.
IEICE Trans. Commun., 2010

A Wideband Digital Predistorter for a Doherty Power Amplifier Using a Direct Learning Memory Effect Filter.
IEICE Trans. Electron., 2010

Plane-Wave and Vector-Rotation Approximation Technique for Reducing Computational Complexity to Simulate MIMO Propagation Channel Using Ray-Tracing.
IEICE Trans. Commun., 2009

A New Signaling Architecture THREP with Autonomous Radio-Link Control for Wireless Communications Systems.
IEICE Trans. Electron., 2009

Precise Estimation of Cellular Radio Electromagnetic Field in Elevators and EMI Impact on Implantable Cardiac Pacemakers.
IEICE Trans. Electron., 2009

Using Large-Scale FDTD Method to Obtain Precise Numerical Estimation of Indoor Wireless Local Area Network Office Environment.
IEICE Trans. Fundam. Electron. Commun. Comput. Sci., 2009

A Novel Filter Construction Utilizing HTS Reaction-Type Filter to Improve Adjacent Channel Leakage Power Ratio of Mobile Communication Systems.
IEICE Trans. Electron., 2009

Man-Made Noise Evaluation for Cryogenic Receiver Front-End.
J. Commun., 2008

Propagation characteristic prediction method confirmed by propagation measurement for indoor MIMO cooperative transmission systems.
Proceedings of the IEEE 19th International Symposium on Personal, 2008

Fine Positioning Three-Dimensional Electric-Field Measurements in Automotive Environments.
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Leaf-Shaped Element Bowtie Antenna with Flat Reflector for UWB Applications.
IEICE Trans. Commun., 2007

Experimental Evaluation of Man-Made Noise for Cryogenic Receiver Front-End.
Proceedings of the 66th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference, 2007

The Test Phantom for the Cochlear Implant to Estimate EMI from Cellular Phone.
IEICE Trans. Commun., 2005

Electric-Field Distribution Estimation in a Train Carriage due to Cellular Radios in order to Assess the Implantable Cardiac Pacemaker EMI in Semi-Echoic Environments.
IEICE Trans. Commun., 2005