Vincenzo Conti

According to our database1, Vincenzo Conti authored at least 48 papers between 2003 and 2020.

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MF2C3: Multi-Feature Fuzzy Clustering to Enhance Cell Colony Detection in Automated Clonogenic Assay Evaluation.
Symmetry, 2020

Bio-inspired security analysis for IoT scenarios.
Int. J. Embed. Syst., 2020

BIAM: a new bio-inspired analysis methodology for digital ecosystems based on a scale-free architecture.
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A semi-automatic approach for epicardial adipose tissue segmentation and quantification on cardiac CT scans.
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Facing Cyber-Physical Security Threats by PSIM-SIEM Integration.
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An Empirical Set of Metrics for Embedded Systems Testing.
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A Bio-inspired Approach to Attack Graphs Analysis.
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A Bio-Inspired Cognitive Agent for Autonomous Urban Vehicles Routing Optimization.
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Resource-Efficient Hardware Implementation of a Neural-based Node for Automatic Fingerprint Classification.
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Area-based cell colony surviving fraction evaluation: A novel fully automatic approach using general-purpose acquisition hardware.
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Fuzzy Techniques for Access and Data Management in Home Automation Environments.
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An embedded IRIS recognizer for portable and mobile devices.
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Introducing Pseudo-Singularity Points for Efficient Fingerprints Classification and Recognition.
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BioAnalysis: A Framework for Structural and Functional Robustness Analysis of Metabolic Networks.
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A multimodal technique for an embedded fingerprint recognizer in mobile payment systems.
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An extended JADE-S based framework for developing secure Multi-Agent Systems.
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A Novel Embedded Fingerprints Authentication System Based on Singularity Points.
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Fast Fingerprints Classification Only Using the Directional Image.
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Fuzzy Fusion in Multimodal Biometric Systems.
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A Self-Contained Biometric Sensor for Ubiquitous Authentication.
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Efficient MLP Digital Implementation on FPGA.
Proceedings of the Eighth Euromicro Symposium on Digital Systems Design (DSD 2005), 30 August, 2005

Web directories as a knowledge base to build a multi-agent system for information sharing.
Web Intell. Agent Syst., 2004

A mobile agent based system for documents classification and retrieval.
Intelligenza Artificiale, 2004

Agents Ownership Setting by User Fingerprints.
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