Wang Chi Cheung

According to our database1, Wang Chi Cheung authored at least 21 papers between 2011 and 2020.

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Probabilistic Sequential Shrinking: A Best Arm Identification Algorithm for Stochastic Bandits with Corruptions.
CoRR, 2020

Reinforcement Learning for Non-Stationary Markov Decision Processes: The Blessing of (More) Optimism.
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Best Arm Identification for Cascading Bandits in the Fixed Confidence Setting.
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Capacity Allocation in Flexible Production Networks: Theory and Applications.
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Reinforcement Learning under Drift.
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Exploration-Exploitation Trade-off in Reinforcement Learning on Online Markov Decision Processes with Global Concave Rewards.
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Hedging the Drift: Learning to Optimize under Non-Stationarity.
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Regret Minimization for Reinforcement Learning with Vectorial Feedback and Complex Objectives.
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Learning to Optimize under Non-Stationarity.
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Inventory Balancing with Online Learning.
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Thompson Sampling for Cascading Bandits.
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Technical Note - Dynamic Pricing and Demand Learning with Limited Price Experimentation.
Oper. Res., 2017

Assortment Optimization under Unknown MultiNomial Logit Choice Models.
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Improved Algorithms for Vertex Cover with Hard Capacities on Multigraphs and Hypergraphs.
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