Chung-Piaw Teo

According to our database1, Chung-Piaw Teo authored at least 59 papers between 1990 and 2019.

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Disruption Risk Mitigation in Supply Chains: The Risk Exposure Index Revisited.
Operations Research, 2019

Resource Pooling and Allocation Policies to Deliver Differentiated Service.
Management Science, 2018

On the Design of Sparse but Efficient Structures in Operations.
Management Science, 2018

Call for Papers - Management Science - Special Issue on Data-Driven Prescriptive Analytics.
Management Science, 2018

Profit Sharing Agreements in Decentralized Supply Chains: A Distributionally Robust Approach.
Operations Research, 2018

On Policies for Single-leg Revenue Management with Limited Demand Information.
CoRR, 2018

On reduced semidefinite programs for second order moment bounds with applications.
Math. Program., 2017

Least Squares Approximation to the Distribution of Project Completion Times with Gaussian Uncertainty.
Operations Research, 2016

Appointment sequencing: Why the Smallest-Variance-First rule may not be optimal.
European Journal of Operational Research, 2016

On Theoretical and Empirical Aspects of Marginal Distribution Choice Models.
Management Science, 2014

Distributionally robust mixed integer linear programs: Persistency models with applications.
European Journal of Operational Research, 2014

Models for Effective Deployment and Redistribution of Bicycles Within Public Bicycle-Sharing Systems.
Operations Research, 2013

Scheduling Arrivals to a Stochastic Service Delivery System Using Copositive Cones.
Operations Research, 2013

Choice Prediction With Semidefinite Optimization When Utilities are Correlated.
IEEE Trans. Automat. Contr., 2012

Mixed 0-1 Linear Programs Under Objective Uncertainty: A Completely Positive Representation.
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Process Flexibility Revisited: The Graph Expander and Its Applications.
Operations Research, 2011

Models for Minimax Stochastic Linear Optimization Problems with Risk Aversion.
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Design for Process Flexibility: Efficiency of the Long Chain and Sparse Structure.
Operations Research, 2010

From CVaR to Uncertainty Set: Implications in Joint Chance-Constrained Optimization.
Operations Research, 2010

On range and response: Dimensions of process flexibility.
European Journal of Operational Research, 2010

Persistency Model and Its Applications in Choice Modeling.
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The stochastic location model with risk pooling.
European Journal of Operational Research, 2007

Designing two-echelon supply networks.
European Journal of Operational Research, 2007

Berth management in container terminal: the template design problem.
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Inventory placement in acyclic supply chain networks.
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Persistence in discrete optimization under data uncertainty.
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Many-to-One Stable Matching: Geometry and Fairness.
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Anonymous monotonic social welfare functions.
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Asymptotically optimal schedules for single-server flow shop problems with setup costs and times.
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Stochastic Transportation-Inventory Network Design Problem.
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Staggering Periodic Replenishment in Multivendor JIT Environments.
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Effective Routing and Scheduling in Adversarial Queueing Networks.
Algorithmica, 2005

Probabilistic Combinatorial Optimization: Moments, Semidefinite Programming, and Asymptotic Bounds.
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Warehouse-Retailer Network Design Problem.
Operations Research, 2004

Integer Programming and Arrovian Social Welfare Functions.
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Inventory Cost Effect of Consolidating Several One-Warehouse Multiretailer Systems.
Operations Research, 2003

Managing Risk in a Four-Digit Number Game.
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Effective Zero-Inventory-Ordering Policies for the Single-Warehouse Multiretailer Problem with Piecewise Linear Cost Structures.
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Gale-Shapley Stable Marriage Problem Revisited: Strategic Issues and Applications.
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A Polynomial-time Algorithm for the Bistable Roommates Problem.
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Multistage Lot Sizing Problems via Randomized Rounding.
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An Optimization Based Approach to the Train Operator Scheduling Problem at Singapore MRT.
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A Constant-Factor Approximation Algorithm for Packet Routing and Balancing Local vs. Global Criteria.
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On a cutting plane heuristic for the stable roommates problem and its applications.
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On dependent randomized rounding algorithms.
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Analysis of LP relaxations for multiway and multicut problems.
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The Geometry of Fractional Stable Matchings and Its Applications.
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From Valid Inequalities to Heuristics: A Unified View of Primal-Dual Approximation Algorithms in Covering Problems.
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Multi-Item Inventory Staggering Problems: Heuristic and Bounds.
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The parsimonious property of cut covering problems and its applications.
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LP Based Approach to Optimal Stable Matchings.
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Chromaticity of series-parallel graphs.
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Improved Randomized Approximation Algorithms for Lot-Sizing Problems.
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On Dependent Randomized Rounding Algorithms.
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