Wenxing Zhang

According to our database1, Wenxing Zhang authored at least 22 papers between 2009 and 2020.

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A class of multichannel sparse linear prediction algorithms for time delay estimation of speech sources.
Signal Process., 2020

A Peaceman-Rachford Splitting Method with Monotone Plus Skew-Symmetric Splitting for Nonlinear Saddle Point Problems.
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A gear fault diagnosis method based on manifold semi-supervised K-means clustering algorithm.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2019

A New Method for Mapping Aquatic Vegetation Especially Underwater Vegetation in Lake Ulansuhai Using GF-1 Satellite Data.
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Lattice-Based Patterned Fabric Inspection by Using Total Variation with Sparsity and Low-Rank Representations.
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A sequential updating scheme of the Lagrange multiplier for separable convex programming.
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A Variational Model for Multiplicative Structured Noise Removal.
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A compression scheme allowing direct string matching on compressed binary files and its applications.
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Structure Tensor Based Analysis of Cells and Nuclei Organization in Tissues.
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A Partial Splitting Augmented Lagrangian Method for Low Patch-Rank Image Decomposition.
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Efficient hybrid-symbolic methods for quantum mechanical calculations.
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Patterned Fabric Inspection and Visualization by the Method of Image Decomposition.
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An augmented Lagrangian based parallel splitting method for separable convex minimization with applications to image processing.
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Numerics of the generalized Lambert W function.
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Coupled Variational Image Decomposition and Restoration Model for Blurred Cartoon-Plus-Texture Images With Missing Pixels.
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A customized proximal point algorithm for convex minimization with linear constraints.
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An ADM-based splitting method for separable convex programming.
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An efficient simultaneous method for the constrained multiple-sets split feasibility problem.
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Convex hull-based support vector machine rule extraction.
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Regression rules extraction from artificial neural network based on least squares.
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A new alternating direction method for co-coercive variational inequality problems.
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Automatic Inspection of Small Component on Loaded PCB Based on Mean-Shift and Support Vector Machine.
Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Natural Computation, 2009