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According to our database1, Juan Zhang authored at least 333 papers between 2004 and 2024.

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Neural Network-Based Game Theory for Scalable Offloading in Vehicular Edge Computing: A Transfer Learning Approach.
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Event-Triggered Guarantee Cost Control for Partially Unknown Stochastic Systems via Explorized Integral Reinforcement Learning Strategy.
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DS-UKF-Based Positioning Method for Intelligent Connected Vehicles in Urban Intersection Scenarios.
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Event-Based Fixed-Time Fuzzy Containment Fault-Tolerant Control for Multiagent Systems With Positive Odd Rational Powers.
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Seismic robustness computational methodology of community building portfolio coupled with water supply network based on probability-cloud model.
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Bridging Stories and Science: An fNIRS-based hyperscanning investigation into child learning in STEM.
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A Two-color Single-molecule Sequencing Platform and Its Clinical Applications.
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DecomCAM: Advancing Beyond Saliency Maps through Decomposition and Integration.
CoRR, 2024

A general alternating direction implicit iteration method for solving complex symmetric linear systems.
CoRR, 2024

Low-rank alternating direction doubling algorithm for solving large-scale continuous time algebraic Riccati equations.
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Fusion-Mamba for Cross-modality Object Detection.
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Projection method for quasiperiodic elliptic equations and application to quasiperiodic homogenization.
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A preconditioned iteration method for solving saddle point problems.
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Optimization methods for solving matrix equations.
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Preprocessed GMRES for fast solution of linear equations.
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Irrational-window-filter projection method and application to quasiperiodic Schr\"odinger eigenproblems.
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Virbo: Multimodal Multilingual Avatar Video Generation in Digital Marketing.
CoRR, 2024

G4G: A Generic Framework for High Fidelity Talking Face Generation with Fine-grained Intra-modal Alignment.
CoRR, 2024

Fully distributed dynamic event-triggered formation-containment tracking for multiagent systems with multiple types of disturbances.
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Low-rank generalized alternating direction implicit iteration method for solving matrix equations.
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MHRE: Multivariate link prediction method for medical hyper-relational facts.
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Empowering Domain Experts With Formal Methods for Consistency Verification of Safety Requirements.
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Spatial graph attention network-based object tracking with adaptive cosine window.
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Fully Distributed Dynamic Event-Triggered Bipartite Formation Tracking for Multiagent Systems With Multiple Nonautonomous Leaders.
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Skill-Learning Method of Dual Peg-in-Hole Compliance Assembly for Micro-Device.
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Distinct brain state dynamics of native and second language processing during narrative listening in late bilinguals.
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Adaptive Time-Varying Formation Tracking Control for Multiagent Systems With Nonzero Leader Input by Intermittent Communications.
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Spatially Variant Error Elimination for High-Resolution UAV SAR with Extremely Small Incident Angle.
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High-Speed Maneuvering Target Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging and Motion Parameter Estimation Based on Fast Spare Bayesian Learning and Minimum Entropy.
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Appl. Intell., July, 2023

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Corrigendum to "Single-image deraining via a Recurrent Memory Unit Network" [Knowl.-Based Syst. 218 (2021) 106832].
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Enhancing Psychological Counseling with Large Language Model: A Multifaceted Decision-Support System for Non-Professionals.
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Decom-CAM: Tell Me What You See, In Details! Feature-Level Interpretation via Decomposition Class Activation Map.
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Single-image Deraining via a channel memory network.
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