Xiaojun Tong

According to our database1, Xiaojun Tong authored at least 38 papers between 2004 and 2019.

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An Aeromagnetic Compensation Method Based on a Multimodel for Mitigating Multicollinearity.
Sensors, 2019

Dynamically Reconfigurable Encryption and Decryption System Design for the Internet of Things Information Security.
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An Improved Rao-Nam Cryptosystem Based on Fractional Order Hyperchaotic System and EDF-QC-LDPC.
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Pix2Vox: Context-aware 3D Reconstruction from Single and Multi-view Images.
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A Novel Block Encryption Algorithm Based on Chaotic S-Box for Wireless Sensor Network.
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Dynamical Analysis and Homogenization Process of Unimodal Chaotic Mapping Utilized for Pseudo-Random Sequences.
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A Modified Tolles-Lawson Model Robust to the Errors of the Three-Axis Strapdown Magnetometer.
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Fountain codes based on modulo and neural network.
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Hyperchaotic system-based pseudorandom number generator.
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A study on semi-supervised FCM algorithm.
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Using clustering analysis to improve semi-supervised classification.
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The research of worm distributed detection technology based on network security.
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Improve online boosting algorithm from self-learning cascade classifier.
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A novel online learning method for head detection in video sequences.
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Enhancing low-contrast image by separately processing illuminance and reflectance.
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A Nonlinear Camera Calibration Method Based on Area.
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The Maximum Likelihood Method of Calculation of Reliability Index of Engineering Structures.
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Image encryption scheme based on 3D baker with dynamical compound chaotic sequence cipher generator.
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A research using hybrid RBF/Elman neural networks for intrusion detection system secure model.
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