Yan Jia

According to our database1, Yan Jia authored at least 19 papers between 2018 and 2020.

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Using An Attention-Based LSTM Encoder-Decoder Network for Near Real-Time Disturbance Detection.
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Classification of High-Spatial-Resolution Remote Sensing Scenes Method Using Transfer Learning and Deep Convolutional Neural Network.
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Development and piloting of a software tool to facilitate proactive hazard and risk analysis of Health Information Technology.
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Mutli-task Learning with Alignment Loss for Far-field Small-Footprint Keyword Spotting.
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A Multistep Wind Speed Forecasting System Considering Double Time Series Features.
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Shattered Chain of Trust: Understanding Security Risks in Cross-Cloud IoT Access Delegation.
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Burglars' IoT Paradise: Understanding and Mitigating Security Risks of General Messaging Protocols on IoT Clouds.
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GNSS-R Soil Moisture Retrieval Based on a XGboost Machine Learning Aided Method: Performance and Validation.
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The Effect of IoT New Features on Security and Privacy: New Threats, Existing Solutions, and Challenges Yet to Be Solved.
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Deep Learning-Based Classification Methods for Remote Sensing Images in Urban Built-Up Areas.
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Discovering and Understanding the Security Hazards in the Interactions between IoT Devices, Mobile Apps, and Clouds on Smart Home Platforms.
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Security Analysis of Smart Home Based on Life Cycle.
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Developing a Safety Case for Electronic Prescribing.
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Towards a Framework for Safety Assurance of Autonomous Systems.
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Identifying Privilege Separation Vulnerabilities in IoT Firmware with Symbolic Execution.
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Delineation of Built-Up Areas from Very High-Resolution Satellite Imagery Using Multi-Scale Textures and Spatial Dependence.
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Phantom Device Attack: Uncovering the Security Implications of the Interactions among Devices, IoT Cloud, and Mobile Apps.
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A carbon nanotube patch antenna for polarization selective radiation performance.
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