Yen-Liang Chen

According to our database1, Yen-Liang Chen authored at least 103 papers between 1993 and 2019.

Collaborative distances:
  • Dijkstra number2 of five.
  • Erdős number3 of four.



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Early prediction of the future popularity of uploaded videos.
Expert Syst. Appl., 2019

A two-phase sentiment analysis approach for judgement prediction.
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Interface engineering of ferroelectric negative capacitance FET for hysteresis-free switch and reliability improvement.
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A Deterrence Approach to Regulate Nurses' Compliance with Electronic Medical Records Privacy Policy.
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A novel recommendation model with Google similarity.
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Decision tree induction with a constrained number of leaf nodes.
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Predicting associated statutes for legal problems.
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A novel summarization technique for the support of resolving multi-criteria decision making problems.
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Community detection based on social interactions in a social network.
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Predicting the influence of users' posted information for eWOM advertising in social networks.
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Robust decision feedback equalizer scheme by using sphere-decoding detector.
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The Study of Using Game Theory for Live Migration Prediction over Cloud Computing.
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Reconfigurable Adaptive Singular Value Decomposition Engine Design for High-Throughput MIMO-OFDM Systems.
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A Novel Decision-Tree Method for Structured Continuous-Label Classification.
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Cross-language patent matching via an international patent classification-based concept bridge.
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A text mining approach to assist the general public in the retrieval of legal documents.
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Conjecturable knowledge discovery: A fuzzy clustering approach.
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Mining consensus preference graphs from users' ranking data.
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A New Approach to the Group Ranking Problem: Finding Consensus Ordered Segments from Users' Preference Data.
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Iterative Superlinear-Convergence SVD Beamforming Algorithm and VLSI Architecture for MIMO-OFDM Systems.
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A three-phase method for patent classification.
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Discovering multi-label temporal patterns in sequence databases.
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Generalized pipelined tomlinson-harashima precoder design methodology with build-in arbitrary speed-up factors.
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Mining associative classification rules with stock trading data - A GA-based method.
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Mining fuzzy association rules from uncertain data.
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Gene clustering by using query-based self-organizing maps.
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An approach to group ranking decisions in a dynamic environment.
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An alternative bend-testing technique for a flexible indium tin oxide film.
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Ameliorated particle swarm optimization by integrating Taguchi methods.
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A Novel Bandelet-Based Image Inpainting.
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A phenotypic genetic algorithm for inductive logic programming.
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Constructing a decision tree from data with hierarchical class labels.
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Using decision trees to summarize associative classification rules.
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Mining maximum consensus sequences from group ranking data.
European Journal of Operational Research, 2009

Discovering recency, frequency, and monetary (RFM) sequential patterns from customers' purchasing data.
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Discovering hybrid temporal patterns from sequences consisting of point- and interval-based events.
Data Knowl. Eng., 2009

On mining multi-time-interval sequential patterns.
Data Knowl. Eng., 2009

Cost-Effective Joint Echo-NEXT Canceller Designs for 10GBase-T Ethernet Systems Based on a Shortened Impulse Response Filter (SIRF) Scheme.
Signal Processing Systems, 2008

A Petri Net Approach to Support Resource Assignment in Project Management.
IEEE Trans. Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Part A, 2008

Ranking Taiwanese management journals: A case study.
Scientometrics, 2008

Mining typical patterns from databases.
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Mining association rules from imprecise ordinal data.
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A novel approach for discovering retail knowledge with price information from transaction databases.
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A group recommendation system with consideration of interactions among group members.
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A novel collaborative filtering approach for recommending ranked items.
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Using position, fonts and cited references to retrieve scientific documents.
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A data mining approach for retail knowledge discovery with consideration of the effect of shelf-space adjacency on sales.
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A Shortened Impulse Response Filter (SIRF) Scheme for Cost-Effective Echo Canceller Design of 10GBase-T Ethernet System.
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