Ying Qiao

According to our database1, Ying Qiao authored at least 42 papers between 1999 and 2019.

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Two Time-Scale Resource Management for Green Internet of Things Networks.
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Stochastic Resource Management for Mobile Edge Computing in 5G Networks.
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Utilization-based admission control for aperiodic tasks under EDF scheduling.
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Three-qubit entanglement generation of quantum states dissipating into a common environment.
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Tripartite entanglement of electron spins of noninteracting electron gases.
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A new utilization based admission control algorithm for aperiodic tasks with constant time complexity under EDF scheduling.
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Developing a real-time inference approach for rule-based reasoning systems.
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An event-oriented inference algorithm with timing constraints.
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A Visual Specification Tool for Event-Condition-Action Rules Supporting Web-Based Distributed System.
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