Yongfeng Li

According to our database1, Yongfeng Li authored at least 36 papers between 2005 and 2021.

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A Stochastic Composite Augmented Lagrangian Method For Reinforcement Learning.
CoRR, 2021

Low-Rank Matrix Iteration Using Polynomial-Filtered Subspace Extraction.
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Risk analysis of human error in interaction design by using a hybrid approach based on FMEA, SHERPA, and fuzzy TOPSIS.
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Experimental study on CNC engraving parameters of Afghan white jade.
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Precisely Predicting Acute Kidney Injury with Convolutional Neural Network Based on Electronic Health Record Data.
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Multi-objective optimisation of user experience in mobile application design via a grey-fuzzy-based Taguchi approach.
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Optimization of user experience in mobile application design by using a fuzzy analytic-network-process-based Taguchi method.
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Multi-Beam Metasurface Antenna by Combining Phase Gradients and Coding Sequences.
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Wide-Angle Transmission Enhancement of Metamaterial-Doped Fiber-Reinforced Polymers.
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A SemiSmooth Newton Method for Semidefinite Programs and its Applications in Electronic Structure Calculations.
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A Regularized Semi-Smooth Newton Method with Projection Steps for Composite Convex Programs.
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Performance analysis of underlay two-way relay cooperation in cognitive radio networks with energy harvesting.
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Comparison of multi-objective evolutionary algorithms in hybrid Kansei engineering system for product form design.
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Multi-variety Fresh Agricultural Products Distribution Optimization Based on an Improved Cuckoo Search Algorithm.
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Research on Warehouse Scheduling Optimization Problem for Broiler Breeding.
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Data Flow Analysis on Android Platform with Fragment Lifecycle Modeling.
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Complex dynamics of a predator-prey model with impulsive state feedback control.
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C<sub>59</sub>N Peapods Sensing the Temperature.
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A configurable multi-band GNSS receiver for Compass/GPS/Galileo applications.
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A Data Mining Based Approach to Research the Relationship between Kansei and Usability: A Case Study of Mobile Phones.
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Early-Warning Framework of China's Energy Security.
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Research on a Technology of Structural Equation Modeling Based Approach to Product Form Design Analysis.
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Nonlinear dynamics in the trapping movement of the Venus flytrap.
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A Quality Testing Management System Architecture for Web-Based Small and Medium-sized Glasses Enterprises.
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