Yoshimi Egawa

According to our database1, Yoshimi Egawa authored at least 79 papers between 1981 and 2021.

Collaborative distances:
  • Dijkstra number2 of four.
  • Erdős number3 of two.



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Existence of a spanning tree having small diameter.
Discret. Math., 2021

Existence of all generalized fractional (g, f)-factors of graphs.
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Tree in forbidden triples generating a finite set of graphs with high connectivity.
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Sufficient conditions for the existence of a path-factor which are related to odd components.
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Lower Bound on the Number of Contractible Edges in a 4-Connected Graph with Edges Not Contained in Triangles.
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Edges incident with a vertex of degree greater than four and a lower bound on the number of contractible edges in a 4-connected graph.
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Sufficient conditions for the existence of pseudo 2-factors without isolated vertices and small odd cycles.
Discret. Math., 2018

The graph grabbing game on Km, n-trees.
Discret. Math., 2018

The Existence of a Path-Factor without Small Odd Paths.
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Structure of edges in a 4-connected graph not contained in triangles and the number of contractible edges.
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Perfect Matchings Avoiding Several Independent Edges in a Star-Free Graph.
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(1, f)-Factors of Graphs with Odd Property.
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Spanning Trees with Vertices Having Large Degrees.
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Perfect matchings avoiding prescribed edges in a star-free graph.
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Forbidden Triples Generating a Finite set of 3-Connected Graphs.
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The Average Degree of Minimally Contraction-Critically 5-Connected Graphs.
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Forbidden Triples Containing a Complete Graph and a Complete Bipartite Graph of Small Order.
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Star-cycle factors of graphs.
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A necessary and sufficient condition for the existence of a spanning tree with specified vertices having large degrees.
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Upper Bounds on the Paired Domination Subdivision Number of a Graph.
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Existence of 4-factors in star-free graphs with high connectivity.
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Forbidden pairs for 1-s2.0-S0012365X11004766-si1-connected Hamiltonian graphs.
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The existence of a 2-factor in <i>K</i><sub>1, <i>n</i></sub>-free graphs with large connectivity and large edge-connectivity.
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Toughness of <i>K<sub>a,t</sub></i>-Minor-Free Graphs.
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A 2-factor in which each cycle contains a vertex in a specified stable set.
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5-Shredders in 5-connected graphs.
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4-factors in 2-connected star-free graphs.
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Arbitrary decompositions into open and closed trails.
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<i>k</i>-shredders in <i>k</i>-connected graphs.
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On a Spanning Tree with Specified Leaves.
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K<sub>1, 3</sub>-factors in graphs.
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Edges not contained in triangles and the number of contractible edges in a 4-connected graph.
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Edges not contained in triangles and the distribution of contractible edges in a 4-connected graph.
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Contractible Edges in a 4-Connected Graph with Vertices of Degree Greater Than Four.
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Independence number and vertex-disjoint cycles.
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Existence of two disjoint long cycles in graphs.
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A bound on the order of a graph when both the graph and its complement are contraction-critically k-connected.
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Two-factors each component of which contains a specified vertex.
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Covering vertices of a graph by k disjoint cycles.
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Maximum number of edges in a critically <i>k</i>-connected graph.
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Fan-type theorem for path-connectivity.
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Graphs G for which both G and G<sup>-</sup> are Contraction Critically k-Connected.
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Nonseparating Induced Cycles Consisting of Contractible Edges in k-Connected Graphs.
Electron. Notes Discret. Math., 2002

Path factors in claw-free graphs.
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Graph decompositions through prescribed vertices without isolates.
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Vertex-Disjoint Paths in Graphs.
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Vertex-Disjoint Cycles Containing Specified Edges.
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Vertex-disjoint claws in graphs.
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Graph Labelings in Boolean Lattices.
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Radius of (2k-1)-Connected Graphs.
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Contractible Cycles in Graphs with Girth at Least 5.
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Star partitions of graphs.
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Vertex-Disjoint Cycles of the Same Length.
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Non-Contractible Edges in A 3-Connected Graph.
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Spanning trees in a cactus.
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Contractible edges in non-separating cycles.
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A mixed version of Menger's theorem.
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The longest cycles in a graph <i>G</i> with minimum degree at least |<i>G</i>|/<i>k</i>.
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Factors and induced subgraphs.
Discret. Math., 1988

Discret. Math., 1988

Cycles in <i>k</i>-connected graphs whose deletion results in a (<i>k</i>-2)-connected graph.
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On randomly<i>n</i>-cyclic digraphs.
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Graphs G for which G and _G are both semidecomposable.
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On component factors.
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A decomposition of complete bipartite graphs into edge-disjoint subgraphs with star components.
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Characterization of the cartesian product of complete graphs by convex subgraphs.
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Contracible edges in triangle-free graphs.
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Association Schemes of Quadratic Forms.
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Even edge colorings of a graph.
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Characterization of H(n, q) by the Parameters.
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