Akira Saito

According to our database1, Akira Saito authored at least 114 papers between 1983 and 2019.

Collaborative distances:
  • Dijkstra number2 of five.
  • Erdős number3 of two.



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Pairs and triples of forbidden subgraphs and the existence of a 2-factor.
Journal of Graph Theory, 2019

Motion Accuracy Enhancement of Five-Axis Machine Tools by Modified CL-Data.
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Cycles with a chord in dense graphs.
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Classification of lung adenocarcinoma transcriptome subtypes from pathological images using deep convolutional networks.
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CMOS Biosensor IC Focusing on Dielectric Relaxations of Biological Water With 120 and 60 GHz Oscillator Arrays.
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Integrated pathway-based transcription regulation network mining and visualization based on gene expression profiles.
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28.3 CMOS biosensor IC focusing on dielectric relaxations of biological water with 120GHz and 60GHz oscillator arrays.
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A novel overlap FFT filter-bank using windowing and smoothing techniques to reduce adjacent channel interference for flexible spectrum access.
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Design Method of Class-F Power Amplifier With Output Power of -20 dBm and Efficient Dual Supply Voltage Transmitter.
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A note on graphs contraction-critical with respect to independence number.
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Forbidden subgraphs generating a finite set.
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Dawn of the digital diagnosis assisting system, can it open a new age for pathology?
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Automatic classification of hepatocellular carcinoma images based on nuclear and structural features.
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Automated gastric cancer diagnosis on H&E-stained sections; ltraining a classifier on a large scale with multiple instance machine learning.
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315MHz OOK transceiver with 38-µW receiver and 36-µW transmitter in 40-nm CMOS.
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An all 0.5V, 1Mbps, 315MHz OOK transceiver with 38-µW career-frequency-free intermittent sampling receiver and 52-µW class-F transmitter in 40-nm CMOS.
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0.35V, 4.1μW, 39MHz crystal oscillator in 40nm CMOS.
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Color Correction in Whole Slide Digital Pathology.
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2.1 Times increase of drain efficiency by dual supply voltage scheme in 315MHz class-F Power amplifier at output power of -20dBm.
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Forbidden triples for perfect matchings.
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Simulation of Cylindrical Plunge Grinding Processes Considered Successive Change of Workpiece Shape.
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Closure for spanning trees and distant area.
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Voice activity detection based on conditional random fields using multiple features.
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