Yu-Wei Chan

According to our database1, Yu-Wei Chan authored at least 25 papers between 2008 and 2020.

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An implementation of cloud-based platform with R packages for spatiotemporal analysis of air pollution.
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Influenza-like illness prediction using a long short-term memory deep learning model with multiple open data sources.
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Matching game-based hierarchical spectrum sharing in cooperative cognitive radio networks.
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A Coalitional Graph Game Approach for Minimum Transmission Broadcast in IoT Networks.
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An energy-efficient cloud system with novel dynamic resource allocation methods.
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An implementation of real-time air quality and influenza-like illness data storage and processing platform.
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A Heterogeneous Cloud Storage Platform With Uniform Data Distribution by Software-Defined Storage Technologies.
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On construction of a virtual GPU cluster with InfiniBand and 10 Gb Ethernet virtualization.
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