Zeyao Mo

According to our database1, Zeyao Mo authored at least 44 papers between 2001 and 2019.

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Parallel visualization of large-scale multifield scientific data.
J. Vis., 2019

Operator-based preconditioning for the 2-D 3-T energy equations in radiation hydrodynamics simulations.
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JArena: Partitioned Shared Memory for NUMA-awareness in Multi-threaded Scientific Applications.
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An Autotuning Protocol to Rapidly Build Autotuners.
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Extreme-scale parallel computing: bottlenecks and strategies.
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Efficient visualization of high-resolution virtual nuclear reactor.
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JSweep: A Patch-centric Data-driven Approach for Parallel Sweeps on Large-scale Meshes.
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Algebraic interface-based coarsening AMG preconditioner for multi-scale sparse matrices with applications to radiation hydrodynamics computation.
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Parallel 3-dim fast Fourier transforms with load balancing of the plane waves.
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A Parallel Module for Multiblock Structured Grids in JASMIN and Its Applications.
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Graphine: Programming Graph-Parallel Computation of Large Natural Graphs for Multicore Clusters.
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An efficient and visually accurate multi-field visualization framework for high-resolution climate data.
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Multi-core parallel robust structured multifrontal factorization method for large discretized PDEs.
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Information Splitting for Big Data Analytics.
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一种基于实测的自动负载建模算法 (Automatic Load Modeling Algorithm Based on Real Time Measuring).
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Cluster Identification and Characterization of Physical Fields
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On choosing a nonlinear initial iterate for solving the 2-D 3-T heat conduction equations.
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Dynamic load balancing efficiently in a large-scale cluster.
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Study on Parallel Computing.
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