Zhe Liang

According to our database1, Zhe Liang authored at least 23 papers between 2001 and 2018.

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Analytics Branching and Selection for the Capacitated Multi-Item Lot Sizing Problem with Nonidentical Machines.
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The green capacitated multi-item lot sizing problem with parallel machines.
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Progressive Selection Method for the Coupled Lot-Sizing and Cutting-Stock Problem.
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Dual relaxations of the time-indexed ILP formulation for min-sum scheduling problems.
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Applied optimization and data mining.
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Training Bit Fully Convolutional Network for Fast Semantic Segmentation.
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Column-Generation Framework of Nonlinear Similarity Model for Reconstructing Sibling Groups.
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Detection of Coal Level in Underground Coal Bins Using an Improved Edge Detection Algorithm.
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A Network-Based Model for the Integrated Weekly Aircraft Maintenance Routing and Fleet Assignment Problem.
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A Lagrangian relaxation-based method and models evaluation for multi-level lot sizing problems with backorders.
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