Zhen Hong

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According to our database1, Zhen Hong authored at least 57 papers between 1992 and 2024.

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Detect Insider Attacks in Industrial Cyber-physical Systems Using Multi-physical Features-based Fingerprinting.
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Trustworthy IAP: An Intelligent Applications Profiler to Investigate Vulnerabilities of Consumer Electronic Devices.
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The Importance of Expert Knowledge for Automatic Modulation Open Set Recognition.
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Triple Collocation of Ground-, Satellite- and Land Surface Model-Based Surface Soil Moisture Products in Oklahoma Part II: New Multi-Sensor Soil Moisture (MSSM) Product.
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A Traceability Localization Method of Acoustic Attack Source for MEMS Gyroscope.
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Triple Collocation of Ground-, Satellite- and Land Surface Model-Based Surface Soil Moisture Products in Oklahoma - Part I: Individual Product Assessment.
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A wearable-based posture recognition system with AI-assisted approach for healthcare IoT.
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Modelling of the Slope Solute Loss Based on Fuzzy Neural Network Model.
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Combining machine learning with radiomics features in predicting outcomes after mechanical thrombectomy in patients with acute ischemic stroke.
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$R$-Print: A System Residuals-Based Fingerprinting for Attack Detection in Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems.
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Meta-WF: Meta-Learning-Based Few-Shot Wireless Impersonation Detection for Wi-Fi Networks.
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EfficientTDNN: Efficient Architecture Search for Speaker Recognition in the Wild.
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FineFool: A novel DNN object contour attack on image recognition based on the attention perturbation adversarial technique.
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An Improved LDA-Based ELM Classification for Intrusion Detection Algorithm in IoT Application.
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Cross-Examination of Similarity, Difference and Deficiency of Gauge, Radar and Satellite Precipitation Measuring Uncertainties for Extreme Events Using Conventional Metrics and Multiplicative Triple Collocation.
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Can Remote Sensing Technologies Capture the Extreme Precipitation Event and Its Cascading Hydrological Response? A Case Study of Hurricane Harvey Using EF5 Modeling Framework.
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Method of large acceleration change for in-flight alignment of projectiles based on double-vector observations.
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Quality-guided image classification toward information management applications.
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Fusion estimation in clustering sensor networks under stochastic deception attacks.
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Decentralized Applications: The Blockchain-Empowered Software System.
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Quantifying Graph Anonymity, Utility, and De-anonymity.
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A tree-based topology construction algorithm with probability distribution and competition in the same layer for wireless sensor network.
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无线传感器网络(k, m)-容错连通支配集的分布式构建 (Distributed Construction for (k, m)-Fault Tolerant Connected Dominating Set in Wireless Sensor Network).
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