Zhenfang Zhu

According to our database1, Zhenfang Zhu authored at least 21 papers between 2009 and 2021.

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RMPD: Method for Enhancing the Robustness of Recommendations With Attack Environments.
IEEE Access, 2021

Bi-GRU Sentiment Classification for Chinese Based on Grammar Rules and BERT.
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Introducing External Knowledge to Answer Questions with Implicit Temporal Constraints over Knowledge Base.
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Interactive Rule Attention Network for Aspect-Level Sentiment Analysis.
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A Fusion Model-Based Label Embedding and Self-Interaction Attention for Text Classification.
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Influence Maximization in Social Network Considering Memory Effect and Social Reinforcement Effect.
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A embedding model for text classification.
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Interactive Multi-Head Attention Networks for Aspect-Level Sentiment Classification.
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Capsule Network With Identifying Transferable Knowledge for Cross-Domain Sentiment Classification.
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Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis With Feature Enhanced Attention CNN-BiLSTM.
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Research of Social Network Information Transmission Based on User Influence.
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A recommendation algorithm based on density peak clustering and key users.
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Personal micro-blog recommendation based on user characteristics and user preference.
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Network Topic Detection Model Based on Text Reconstructions.
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A Kind of Improved Detection and Prevention of Trojan Horse Based on Attack Tree.
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An improved fuzzy C-means clustering algorithm based on simulated annealing.
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Authentications and Key Management in 3G-WLAN Interworking.
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Feature-Denoising Based on Average Fitness of Genetic Population.
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Email Representation using Noncharacteristic Information and its Application.
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Research on Information Retrieval System Based on Ant Clustering Algorithm.
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Research on E-mail Filtering Based On Improved Bayesian.
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